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Addressing Legionella risk in buildings: updates
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Some recent updates to standards offer guidance to managers to help mitigate Legionellosis and prevent facilities from potential liability.Common building systems, such as cooling towers, hot water tanks, faucet aerators, shower heads, hot tubs and decorative fountains, all produce fine water droplets that can harbour Legionella bacteria growth. Without proper management and maintenance to building systems, this bacteria can grow, causing respiratory infections in occupants and the potentially fatal Legionnaire disease, a form of pneumonia. 
U of Calgary's green cleaning program awarded CIMS-GB certification
The University of Calgary recently became the second post-secondary institution in Canada to earn the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification from ISSA due to its dedication to green cleaning. 
Green Standards partners with GM in major waste diversion initiative
Green Standards, a Toronto-based environmental firm that helps companies divert used office equipment from landfills to benefit non-profits, has partnered with General Motors for a major landfill-free solution to office transformation. 
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Propery Disaster Management at Fort McMurray
On May 1, 2016, wildfires ripped through Fort McMurray, Alberta, sparking a natural disaster that would become the costliest of its kind in Canada’s history. Over the span of two months, the so-called Horse River Fire swept through 590,000 hectares of land, causing $3.58 billion in damages, and triggering the largest wildfire evacuation in the province’s history. 
Cannon Services now named Citron Hygiene
Cannon Hygiene Canada Limited will immediately begin operating under its new name Citron Hygiene. 
Protecting emergency power supply system docs 
Just as paper is subject to loss, aging or damage, intellectual property is susceptible to server failure, viruses and human error. Here are some suggestions for leveraging the power of technology while mastering best practices to protect, preserve and control these vital records. 

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Tips for reducing radon in the workplace
The winter season brings increased levels of radon in the workplace, and is a prime time to test for and address any issues. During these colder months, buildings tend to be regularly sealed, creating lower ventilation. 
Industry gathers for the 2016 Canadian Real Estate Industry Reception
More than 450 real estate industry professionals and suppliers gathered for the 2016 Canadian Real Estate Industry Reception on November 30 in downtown Toronto. 
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services (002).jpg Scrutiny vital when comparing water sub-metering solutions
Many managers and owners are familiar with electricity sub-metering and its proven energy and cost savings. However, few understand that much of the regulatory oversight that makes electricity sub-metering services easy to compare aren’t applied to water sub-metering.
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Facility fights bedbugs with creative invention
Bedbugs are becoming a huge concern in North America, spreading throughout hotels, stores, offices, apartment buildings, on transit (buses and subways) and even in healthcare facilities. As a result, some facilities in Canada are finding creative ways to not let the bedbugs bite. Once a building becomes infested, it can be very difficult and costly to remove these pests.
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