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How automation is changing in the JanSan industry
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Canadian cleaning companies are starting to rethink how automation will make them more efficient and competitive. As new research emerges flagging technology as a risk to janitorial and cleaning jobs, some in the industry don't see it as an immediate threat, but rather a complement to valuable skills that cannot be replaced.
'No VOCs' product claim not always what it seems
Building occupants may still be inhaling VOCs and other chemical emissions that can trigger asthma.
Guidance for servicing appliances with non-HFC refrigerants
The home appliance industry is transitioning to the use of non-HFC refrigerants, which will require service personnel to follow certain safety procedures when performing maintenance and repairs on these products.
Single-Speed Elevators Holding Property Owners at Risk
New directives by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) are placing greater liability on property owners with legacy elevator technology.
Mississauga may toughen up inspection of food businesses
If a proposed amendment to the City's Business Licensing By-law is approved, all retail food businesses would be required to obtain a licence and receive regular inspection by Peel Public Health.
Healthcare workers often go to work sick: U.S. study
Healthcare workers in clinical settings, such as long-term care facilities and hospitals, often refuse to stay home from work when experiencing influenza-like symptoms.

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ASHRAE publishes 2017 version of thermal comfort standard
The 2017 edition of ASHRAE’s major thermal comfort standard has been published to incorporate seven published addenda to the 2013 edition.
Edmonton detergent manufacturer penalized for high phosphorus levels
An Edmonton-based laundry detergent manufacturer was recently fined $600,000 for selling two commercial detergents, which contained concentrations of phosphorus in excess of the allowable limit.
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services.jpg Kleenway Services: A Matter of Heart
This past summer, Kleenway Services’ Bill Germanis was busy preparing to take on a new national cleaning contract for one of the world’s largest retailers while tending to the company’s existing clients that span multiple sectors and the country.
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ICYMI: Precarious work takes toll on hotel housekeepers
The moment Grace became a room attendant in a downtown Toronto hotel, she was happy to find steadier work after immigrating to Canada from the Philippines on a contract nanny job. But she soon became aware of the strenuous tasks her role as a housekeeper entailed. Read More »

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