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Ontario aims to relax scrutiny of accessibility

Proposed new instructions for land use planning in Ontario would downgrade the required scrutiny of accessibility. Where municipal Official Plans have been expected to give directions for “identifying, preventing and removing land use barriers” that could keep people with disabilities and seniors from fully participating in society, the modified policy would call for the less specific step of “addressing land use barriers”.


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Headline News
»Kevric to buy 600 de la Gauchetière West
»Feds invest $8.8M in Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada
»Offbeat locales hold co-working space bargains
Pushing the Boundaries of Structural Glass
When it comes to building materials, there is truly no substitute for glass. Timeless and elegant, structural glass provides beauty and translucence to indoor spaces in a way no other material can. »READ MORE
»Cynthia Cruickshank receives $5.1 million in funding
»AHIP to sell Economy Lodging portfolio
»Agreement reached for Calgary event centre
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Real estate flies red flags of money laundering

Real estate transactions top a global list of financial activities deemed most likely to provide cover for money laundering or terrorist financing. Recently released guidance from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) focuses on the role legal professionals can play in either enabling or disrupting criminal efforts, and offers advice for interpreting and responding to clues that clients have nefarious intent.  »READ MORE

Energy exposure fuels Calgary office woes

Key service centres for the oil and gas industry are at differing junctures in Canada and the United States. JLL’s newly released overview of office and industrial space trends in North American energy hubs contrasts the shale boom bolstering U.S. economic activity with the logistical constraints squeezing Canadian producers — and also flowing through to Calgary and Edmonton’s commercial real estate markets.

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