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Options for handling forgotten waste areas
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The waste area is often the most ignored and forgotten place on a facility property. Facility funds are usually directed to front-end activities that impact customers and tenants, whereas the waste area is often hidden away in a garage, behind fencing or in a back alley, perpetuating the out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. Several options are available to help proactively address issues related to cost, health and safety and space management.
Manitoba approves nearly $30-mil for health facility repairs
Manitoba plans to spend nearly $30 million on 120 healthcare facility maintenance projects across the province.
Cleaning schedules revisited in open offices
How can cleaning workers complete their tasks as office workers clock less defined work hours in open offices, challenging traditional cleaning schedules?
Clearing the Clutter: 5 Benefits to Eliminating your Paper
Paperwork can pile up fast in the facility management industry. Between invoices, release forms, contracts, tenant messages, and other communications, property stakeholders will often spend a bulk of their day collecting and processing a high volume of paper. This not only reduces the focus from more meaningful tasks, but the time and space required to manage the abundance of documents ultimately makes document retrieval inefficient.
More spending at businesses with clean restrooms
Almost half of Americans are planning to spend more money at a business that has clean, well-maintained restrooms, according to Bradley Corporation’s annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey.
Canada pledges $24.4 million for military grave repairs
The 2018 federal budget, released Tuesday, earmarks $24.4 million to address a backlog of 45,000 graves requiring maintenance.

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New funding for women in skilled trades
The 2018 federal budget commits funds to inform women about apprenticeship programs, dispense financial grants for training and provide resources as they move into the workforce.
Ontario's top 25 cities for rats
Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga topped Orkin Canada’s 25 most “rattiest” cities in Ontario list, released in mid February. 
in_the_loop_banner_energy_sus.jpg New rebates for energy savings in Alberta
Industrial businesses are now eligible to receive rebates on more products under Alberta's Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Business Non-Profit and Institutional Energy Savings Program.
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ICYMI: Little oversight of high-GWP anesthetic gases
Anesthetics commonly used in medical, dental and veterinary surgery have global warming potential ranging from 130 to 2,540 times greater than carbon dioxide, but are largely overlooked when greenhouse gas emissions are officially tallied. Read More »

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