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Optimizing floor and carpet care in a pandemic

We are now entering year two of the pandemic. As during the first year, proper and effective cleaning strategies remain some of our best tools in slowing the spread of the disease. Further, these “proper and effective cleaning strategies” do not just apply to those high-touch surfaces we hear so much about. They can also apply to floor and carpet care.


»Human resources take on new role during COVID-19
»Edmonton becomes first Canadian city to commit to city-wide GBAC STAR accreditation
»Hotel housekeepers now being paid to get COVID-19 vaccine
Don’t Forget the Soap

The 2020 pandemic has turned a focus on hand hygiene – and for a good reason. Yet while using hand sanitizer is important for preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2, the virus which can cause COVID-19, it’s critical to keep regular handwashing with soap in the mix.» READ MORE

»Sensors to monitor air pollution on UBC campus
»Nominations for Canada’s Best Restroom 2021 now open
»Will heightened cleaning habits remain post-COVID-19?
Cleaning vs. Disinfecting: Seeing the “bigger picture”

Cleaning and disinfecting have become critical priorities for building and facility stakeholders. And, with little room for error, the pressure is on cleaning professionals to ensure environments not only appear clean but uphold the highest standards of hygiene. » READ MORE

Shoring up facility water conservation practices 

In preparation for World Water Day, here are five water conservation tips for facility managers and service providers. When it comes to the push to maintain and bolster sustainability efforts, shoring up your water conservation practices is an important factor. » READ MORE

Three year-round steps for avoiding washroom pests
Washroom care is critical to creating a favourable impression of any establishment. Patrons expect facilities to always be in sanitary and working order, which means routine vigilance must be taken in these delicate areas. Hopefully, washroom pests are the last thing on your guests’ mind, but that’s only possible if pest management remains top of mind for management and staff.» READ MORE

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