Can hotels cancel your concessions? It's complicated
Complimentary staff rooms, free wifi, discount parking — the variety of concessions is staggering, and they can save an event host money and add value to their event. But before signing on the dotted line, event hosts need to know exactly when they’ve earned those concessions, and just as critically, when the venue has the right to take them away.
networking165x120.jpg Shaping the Culture: How to create inclusive networking events
When we receive belonging cues, our social brains light up. They help us to understand that we have a place in the group. We are close, we are safe, we share a future.
Simply Innovative: How to reframe and take on the challenge to change
In the face of today’s fast-moving, highly-volatile business world and the ongoing disruption it brings, many businesses and individuals continue to struggle with the concept of innovation.
Québec City Q&A: A planner's take on Québec's capital destination
Québec City is a go-to destination for event planners from Canada and internationally, offering a uniquely Canadian setting that not only draws meeting planners and their conference delegates, but keeps them coming back for personal vacations.
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Events in the age of disruption
With its vibrant tech scene, bustling nightlife and reputation as a culinary mecca, Montreal is teeming with culture and opportunity, and no one feels that more than Robert Mercure, president and CEO of The Palais des congrès de Montreal.
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Stronger growth in tourism expected this year after a weak 2018
Alternative accommodations gain ground in Expedia's 2019 Travel Trends Report
Red Roof enters the Canadian market in Calgary, Alberta
Egencia reveals 2019 top 100 preferred corporate hotels
TD and Air Canada enter into credit card loyalty program agreement
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