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Affordable housing for all

As Canada’s federal election inches closer, and hopeful candidates criss-cross the nation making bold declarations about future reform, affordable housing remains a hot-button issue for citizens and industry stakeholders alike. From Charlottetown to Vancouver, and virtually every city in between, inadequate housing supply has reached critical levels. 


Headline News
»RioCan completes acquisition of ePlace apartments in Toronto
»Quebec’s largest mixed-use residential project breaks ground
»Starlight acquires Toronto portfolio of 628 rental units
When Corrosion Leads to Structural Distress
Most of Canada’s older stock apartment buildings are made of reinforced concrete, making them vulnerable to structural distress throughout their varied lifespans. »READ MORE
»Multifamily assets round out Canadian GRESB data
»B.C. communities adopt mass timber technology
»Energy efficiency primed for climate action

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Dealing with mould in air ducts
An unusual or musty odor is often the first sign of mould in air ducts. In many cases, you’ll smell it before you can see it. If you notice a musty smell that goes away when you are not using your air conditioning or heating (if they share ducts), that can narrow the cause down to some part of your HVAC system. Mould can smell wet, rotten, or stale. »READ MORE
Gen Z friendly cities foster a rising cohort

Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal rank among the world’s most Gen Z friendly cities, analysis from Nestpick, a global database for a furnished apartment and room rentals, concludes. The recently released study assesses and scores 110 cities on 22 indicators — broadly falling into the categories of digital infrastructure, societal openness, leisure pursuits and business culture — deemed to support and/or influence the age cohort born between 1997 and 2012..»READ MORE

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