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CAM News & Updates
President's Message

nancypresident-engjun.pngCAM Chair Mike Kolberg emailed me a picture of a pressure cooker about a month ago.  We had been discussing the things that were coming together into that perfect storm of pressure that we are all in the midst of now.  Around the same time, Larry Kruger of McWilliams Mayflower put out some very frank advice to relocation management companies elaborating a bit more on his version of the perfect storm.  The two perspectives from these esteemed veterans weren’t very far off each other.

Capacity issues.  Staff exhaustion (because no one has stopped since May 2020).  Extended transit times.  No storage space.  Rising costs due to supply chain challenges.  The list goes on. 

And then the unexpected - the “heat dome” that has been cooking the western provinces throughout the end of June and into July and is the precursor to hotter temps in the East this month and next.  More pressure.

I have always been a ‘fan girl’ of moving crews because they do a job I could not do – even though it’s the most important one in our industry.  Over the years and the thousands of moves I’ve been around; I have marvelled at how these folks can work in any condition.  It isn’t always perfect, but they get the job done.  I was certainly impressed with the crew that moved me into my Sarnia home – 4,600 lbs and 20 steps up a straight, fully enclosed narrow staircase to my second-floor Victorian flat.  It’s already hot and stuffy in there in the dead of winter.  But if that move had to be done in 40°C and no air conditioning – with a mask on?  Wow!

So, a big personal thank you to all of the drivers, swampers, lumpers, packers, warehousemen, and anyone else who has to do physical work in this pressure cooker.  You truly are amazing!

Early on in my moving career, I experienced a crew member who went down with heat stroke coming down the walk board.  We were way outside Halifax in a new subdivision with recently planted saplings (thus no shade) and the ambulance was a half-hour away.  Thankfully, he survived, but it scared all of us.

It is everyone’s responsibility to look out for the crews – make sure they have plenty of water and electrolyte drinks, that they get cooling breaks and time just to breathe without having to suck in reconstituted carbon dioxide through their mask.  Most importantly, have a look at the chart in the section below about spotting heat exhaustion and heat stroke and maybe copy it for the crews to keep in the truck for reference.

When I was in sales, I tried to work in partnership with my clients on their move.  While it can be challenging, encourage your customers to have patience and empathy, and help them understand that the crew is going to have to stop every once in a while, for a cooling break.  After all, they are human – not machines.  With everything going on in our industry this summer, don’t ever forget that.

Stay safe everyone and hydrate! 

Heat Exhaustion Reminder

It’s hot. It’s humid. The job is manual. There’s not a lot of rest. These are the perfect conditions for heat exhaustion.

There are two types of heat exhaustion:

  1. Water depletion. Signs include excessive thirst, weakness, headache and loss of consciousness.
  2. Salt depletion. Signs include nausea and vomiting, muscle cramps and dizziness.

If any of your crew has symptoms of heat exhaustion, it's essential to immediately get them out of the heat and rest, preferably in an air-conditioned room. If you can't them get inside, try to find the nearest cool and shady place and have them remove any tight or unnecessary clothing and drink plenty of fluid (avoid caffeine, alcohol and energy drinks). If you have the opportunity, apply other cooling measures such as fans or ice towels.

If such measures fail to provide relief within 15 minutes, seek emergency medical help because untreated heat exhaustion can progress to heatstroke. Click here for more information on heat exhaustion.

It is important that you explain to your customer what is going on – they may be able to assist with comfort and care, rather than call CAM later to complain that your crew is sitting around or taking forever to complete their move.

As Sgt. Phil Esterhaus used to say on Hill Street Blues ... “Let’s be careful out there!”


*Graphic is available in English and French. Contact CAM to get a copy.

New job opportunity

We've just posted another new job opportunity on our website.  See if any of the two jobs posted there fit with your career plans.


CAM Golf Registration now open!

CAM Golf Day – September 13, 2021

Join us at the beautiful Carlisle Golf Club for our 25th annual golf day. At the moment, we are going with the same successful format as last year, which includes dedicated tee times between 11:00 am - 12:40 pm. Lunch and post-game meals are included with cart and prizes.

And this year, CAM supplier Advantage Box might pay for your round! One lucky name will be drawn from those registered mover members on August 15th.

Limited space is available. Register here


And we can’t do this without support. A big thank you to our sponsors. Would you like to get in on the sponsoring and prizing fun? Contact


CAM Conference Planning is Underway!

CAM Conference – November 14 – 16, 2021

As Edmonton continues to open up, we get closer to making a decision about an in-person conference.  We are excited about rebooting the moving industry and focusing on topics and issues that are going to define our industry’s future.  More news on our sessions shortly …. 

We’re excited at the prospect of being able to see our friends and colleagues again.  Are you?  Registration will open in mid-August once a final decision is made with the hotel to safely host a large indoor meeting while respecting health and safety protocols dictated by the province of Alberta and the Federal government.

CAM as well as these wonderful supporters are looking forward to welcoming you in Edmonton this November.  




Concerning Development out of NJ – Movers could be responsible for PBO damage

New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs is changing regulations and some proposed rules could make NJ movers liable for damage to packed by owner (PBO) items.

The proposed rule change will make it difficult to deny a PBO claim without citing consumer negligence if a mover accepts PBOs. It would place the burden of proof for denying a claim on the mover, that the damage occurred when the consumer was packing PBOs, usually before the mover’s pick-up, without citing negligence. Finally, it will make movers liable for all goods accepted, whether packed by the mover, the consumer or a third party. A mover would be liable for concealed damage in PBO cartons or containers, boxes, crates, cabinets drawers, or other places that a consumer may pack items, at carrier’s legal liability, or under additional coverage if the consumer increased liability or insurance.

The new rule does allow a mover to refuse to transport those items – and refusing to transport will harm all movers. Consumers may end up paying more if movers charge the customer to repack their items into cartons. Consumers may cancel the move on the spot or choose to rent a truck or find a bait-and-switch rogue mover.

It goes without saying that the New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association (NJWMA) is opposed to this proposed rule. You can read more in this information sent out by the NJWMA.

Obviously, CAM will keep you informed about developments on this.

And if that’s not scary enough, how about identity theft of your moving company?

Can you imagine having your moving company’s identity, website, transportation number and all of your online reviews stolen and consumers being scammed out of thousands of dollars using your name?  It’s happening now in California.

Listen to this report.  It could be our future.  And please, keep checking your identities online to make sure that it’s you that’s being represented and not some poser.



International Shipping?  Competition is high and box rates are soaring!

There seems to be no limit to what some shippers are prepared to pay to get containers onboard sailings from Asia to Europe and the US. On her bi-weekly call with the National Council of Moving Associations (NCMA), CAM President Nancy Irvine learned that the upcharge on containers is now about $7,000 … compared to that pre-pandemic of about $2,000. There is speculation that shippers could be looking at rates up to $20,000 before the end of the year.

Members of NCMA are reporting that vessels originating in Asia are dropping containers in the US and are returning to Asia empty – because they make more money getting back quicker for the next load than they do waiting for the ship to be loaded. With the severe shortage of containers and capacity and waiting time increasing to 10-20 days, there seems to be no limit as to what companies will be paying to secure a box. You can read more about this concerning situation in the following articles.

July 8, 2021 - FMC onboard for Biden's ocean carrier 'crackdown'

July 7, 2021 – Warning to shippers: expect high freight rates and disruption to last a while

July 2, 2021 – As box rates leave some shippers ‘very badly hurt’, others see an opportunity

June 29, 2021 – ‘Crazy rates’ to ship a container out of India – after a 100% premium to get the box

IAM conference registration now open!


Registration is open for the world’s first and largest industry conference since the pandemic started.

The 59th International Association of Movers conference will be held in Orlando, Florida from October 13-16th.  A virtual option will be available to run simultaneously with the in-person conference.  Several CAM members have already signed up to head down.  Will you?  To find out more about this conference, click here.

Interested in International Moving News?

cameng-iamjune292021-1fedmac.pngFEDEMAC, the European Movers Federation, has an excellent weekly newsletter that comes out on Wednesdays.  FEDEMAC was established ten years before CAM in 1959 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.  CAM has recently started to feed stories to FEDEMAC, as they have to us.  We recommend that you sign up for this newsletter.



5 ways to support women in your workplace

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace can help increase productivity, innovation, and employee retention, benefits that cannot be overstated in today’s business world. Women are essential to diversity, but the trucking and logistics industry still falls short with just 15% of women in the workforce.

Trucking HR’s Top Fleet Employers Program recognizes and celebrates companies with innovative employment practices and policies, and several fleets have taken specific steps to improve their recruitment and retention of women.

Read what the top fleets are doing to diversify and encourage inclusion in their workplace.

Last chance to fill out Trucking HR Canada’s Labour Market Survey

Trucking HR Canada is a CAM partner and has been very active on understanding the transportation labour market to find real solutions for our ever-growing labour issues.

Angela Splinter, Trucking HR’s CEO, is going to be speaking at our conference, helping us to learn more about the moving sector specifically and our unique challenges, and to brainstorm on how we can attract more warm – and willing – bodies.

It would be super helpful for her to have some “moving” data in their most recent study. We encourage you to take 20 minutes to fill in their survey as they are particularly interested in knowing what supports you need moving forward.

Take the Survey

Product Spotlight



Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd.

Snowbirds Auto Connection is a family-owned and operated vehicle transport company providing reliable, door-to-door, damage-free transportation across Canada and the U.S. SAC offers a variety of services including coast-to-coast transportation, cross-border relocation and vehicle storage.

Learn More



Scam Mover Update


The CAM Scam Team has been very busy this past year.  Headed up by Toronto Lawyer Rocco Scocco and including CAM, the Scam Moving Companies Victim Support Group, and Pro Bono Ontario, our team has been working together to share information on complaints against companies that say they are professional movers, but in reality, are anything but.  These past 12 months have been highlighted by multiple media reports and the successful settling of many disputes between victims and companies committing moving fraud.

CAM has received complaints (too many to count) about one online operation in particular.  Move Me Again does service moves, but more often than not, brokers them out to one of their many operating names, some of which are listed here:  

Move Me Again Roadway Movers All Over Canada Van Line
Moonstar Van Lines Greenway Moving East Coast Star Van Lines
O Canada Movers Safe Bound Movers

Rocco has had great success battling the parent company Move Me Again in court.  He recently won a ground-breaking ruling against the operator in Ontario Superior Court.  It is important that your company be aware of all of these names, especially those of you who are quoting on moves out of Ontario to the East Coast.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are many smaller “Kijiji-type” moving companies operating scams every day.  Whether they run a more sophisticated online ransom/hostage scheme, or they simply pick up the victim’s things and drive to the nearest gas station to call the client and demand more money or they’ll not deliver their items, the more you can educate your customer about moving fraud, the better.

Here’s how you can help.  Direct your clients to:

  1. go to CAM’s consumer alerts page, either by clicking on the Consumer Alerts button on our home page at or using this direct link.
  2. contact CAM and/or the BBB to find out about the moving company’s reputation (including yours!).
  3. go to CAM’s Facebook page.
  4. read CAM’s Choosing a Mover pamphlet online (also available from CAM in print form to hand out to clients).

You could also put a simple tag line in your email signature that says something to the effect of “Moving Fraud is real in Canada. Do your research. Read more here.” With a link to our consumer alert page.

If they still choose price over quality, at least you’ve done your part to try and educate them. After all, it’s their responsibility to make an informed choice. It’s our responsibility to help them make it.

How to detect phishing emails sent to your business


And speaking of scams, there isn’t a month that goes by where some of our members get an email from either “Nancy Irvine” or some random Gmail account offering to sell you a CAM member list or asking you to send CAM your money. Sometimes, it’s just “Canadian Association of Movers” in the subject line and nothing in the email body has anything to do with us. We hope by now that everyone who receives these emails realizes that they are phishing attempts by some random bot somewhere outside of North America. CAM does not sell its membership list and is not sending out or authorizing any of these emails.

Phishing is an online scam that targets users by sending emails that appear to be from a well-known source. The sender could be posing as the CEO of your company or even as a business you frequently use.

We’re really sorry that these emails take up your mailbox space and your time. We strongly suggest that you just delete the email without opening it, as clicking on any links signals the bot that the email address is live, thus flagging it for future use. But, as always, if you aren’t sure, by all means, check with us before you act on it. And thanks to all those who forward those emails to us or let us know.

To learn more about identifying phishing emails, please read this article.

More interesting port news from mid-June

Shippers hit out at daily battle over D&D charges levied

US exporters have accused carriers of billing for detention and demurrage (D&D) charges even when empty containers have been returned. This increases costs and time spent battling with shipping line administrators – on a daily basis for some – to rectify errors, they say. A major disruption in the US supply chain has brought complaints from US shippers and other stakeholders about the levels of D&D charges and the lack of export options in general. You can read more of The Loadstar article here.

Port of Liverpool imploding as congestion grows and hauliers refuse to enter

Liverpool’s container port is “imploding”, with hauliers growing increasingly concerned over the gateway’s viability as they struggle for booking slots. One independent local haulier said jobs that would normally take two hours were now lasting the better part of a day, while another said the port appeared “understaffed and overworked”, with restricted haulier access leading to major slowdowns in the flow of cargo. You can read more here.

Fleet policies, the tech needed to fight smartphone ‘addiction’, the speaker says

camtipsfortheroadjune292021.jpgThe average person checks their phone 47 times per day and uses their phone 171 minutes per day,” said CJ Meurell, co-founder and chief revenue officer at Motion Intelligence.  But the numbers can be higher than that.  “We have been trained by our mobile devices to reach for a mobile device every time we hear a ping … it’s Pavlov’s dog psychology.  We get a dopamine hit in our brain at that moment.”

The draw is so intense that drivers will continue to do it even when they know a cab camera will see them in action.  The judgment and self-control go out the window.

The challenge is more pronounced among younger drivers who have more “stick time” with mobile devices, he added.  To compound matters at one fleet his business researched, drivers under their mid-30s were three times more likely to be involved in a collision than their older peers.  In one poll, 44% of millennials reported calling someone they knew was driving, and 36% have texted someone they knew was driving.

While a fleet policy alone is not always a deterrent, having a clear mobile device and cell phone policy in place helps set expectations for behaviour on the job, and identifies the consequences.  Read more about potential solutions here.

ELDs Update?  Not really

ELDs have been mandated in Canada for a couple of weeks now.  We still have no idea which devices are going to be certified for Canada yet, although there finally appear to be a couple of third-party organizations available to approve ELDs for use in Canada.  Keep checking this link for a list of approved devices.  For now, that page is blank and there is no way that a company can be in compliance.

If you are interested, you can read the Truck News article here

For our American friends calling up to inquire what to do for their drivers coming to Canada, at this time CAM suggests that you continue to use your current ELD device. | | Media Kit
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