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ECAO Annual General Meeting (AGM) Blue Mountain Resort- September 12-13, 2018

Registration for ECAO’s AGM is picking up speed, so please register to reserve your space. You can always contact Cathy Frederickson at to assist you in registration.


Don’t forget about our 70s theme reception and dinner on the evening of September 12th.

We are making this event one to remember, and to make  you remember of your favourite memories from the 70s. Come out and join for a “70s Boogie Dance”.


To register click here and to book rooms click here.

Congratulations to our early bird winners, Dave Mason and Gregg Mellon.


ECAO Event-Training and Development

Please join us for this interactive training session with body language expert, Mark Bowden. The session is complimentary and we have space for 20 people.

If you are interested in attending, please either contact Cathy Frederickson at or click here to register.


Labour News

IBEW women obtain union charter status

The sisterhood of female electricians within the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) represents a small minority of the membership but their unique issues have been given special recognition with the inauguration of the first IBEW charter for women.

It’s been a long journey for 353’s Karen Pullen, chair of the women’s committee, a business rep for the local and from 1989 to 2012 a practising electrician working in the commercial sector in Toronto.

Recruiting other women is another major focus of the 353 women’s committee. Members frequently go to schools to sell female students on the trade with honest talk about opportunities, rewards, the training needed — and the sexism they will encounter, Pullen said.

“We’re talking to people, especially young women and older women, telling them about the trade, and keeping their minds open and not to be pigeonholed,” she explained.


OAA ‘leading change’ through its HQ renewal

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) is in the process of retrofitting its energy-inefficient headquarters building to meet the 2030 Challenge.

Construction got underway in March 2018 on the “renew and refresh” project on Moatfield Drive in Toronto. Completion is scheduled for early next year.

The construction contract was awarded to MJ Dixon Construction Ltd. at a cost of just over $6.2 million. The overall budget is $8.5 million.

Under the 2030 Challenge, incremental targets are set for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in new buildings, developments and major renovations.

The ultimate goal is to achieve carbon neutral status by 2030, which is defined as using no fossil-fuel, greenhouse gas-emitting energy to operate.


Occupational Health and Safety

Electrical Safety Authority Defect of the Month

Over the past year, ESA inspectors have identified over 4,700 defects regarding unsafe and abandoned wiring inside and outside of electrical enclosures. Rule 12-114 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC) requires the ends of insulated conductors, which are not in use, at switches, outlets and other electrical enclosures to be insulated (capped, covered, etc.). In many cases, especially identified in installations where there are renovations, equipment may be removed and related wiring left behind. This wiring might be later inadvertently energized, creating a shock or fire hazard. Unused wiring shall be properly terminated, or removed. Wiring that is concealed and inaccessible shall be cut off where exposed so as to be too short to be reused. A potential fire hazard is also possible if the electrical device fails in close proximity to combustible. For example, a receptacle with missing cover plate may cause the adjacent wood panels to catch on fire in event of failure. The cover would usually mitigate that hazard. ESA strongly recommends maintenance staff and facility operators perform periodic inspection to ensure unused openings in electrical enclosures are filled properly, as well all cover plates on electrical devices are in place.



IHSA announces new employer-recognition programs June 29, 2018 MISSISSAUGA—The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) is pleased to announce two new award programs that will acknowledge employers who go above and beyond to protect the health and safety of their workers. 1. IHSA Recognition of Performance Achievement Milestone This award program recognizes IHSA member firms that have achieved a specific number of work hours (based on their firm size) without a lost-time injury (LTI). Formerly known as The President’s Award, the name and criteria for this award program has been changed to account for the new firm size requirement. Employers can apply for this award when they have reached the milestone listed below for their firm size. Companies will be further recognized if they achieve any multiples of their milestone (e.g., a firm with 100 full-time equivalent (FTE) workers or less will be recognized for 250,000 hours, for 500,000 hours, for 750,000 hours, etc.).


Local 773 Electrician Saves Life of Tradesperson in Dramatic Work Site Rescue


Jay Lebert, a journeyman electrician with Windsor’s IBEW Local 773, was on hand to rescue a non-union pipefitter knocked unconscious by a beam and left unable to breathe. The pipefitter made a full recovery.

“As an ECAO contractor, we’re very concerned about safety. We do a lot of commercial and industrial work, and construction sites can be extremely dangerous at the best of times. We love that our electricians get excellent safety training through their IBEW membership.”
- Johnny Peto, Co-owner, Tucker Electric


Member Benefit - Danatec


ECAO Member Training Overview

The newest version of our 2018 ESTS course was developed for workers that perform energized electrical work. The newest version of our 2018 Z462 compliant ESTS course was developed for workers that perform energized electrical work. The overall course content was developed using industry accepted best practice standards as the underpinning in support of meeting Provincial or Federal regulatory due diligence for arc flash and shock. 

ESTS Electrical Worker training is based on industry Standards and Regulation, providing documentation tools in support of the Employer’s overall Occupational Health & Safety Management System and an Electrical Safety Program. Employers are required to have an updated Electrical Safety Program based on industry Standards and Regulations for workers to receive the most benefit from this course.

Combined with educational best practices including Blume’s taxonomy of learning: allowing learners to learn through visual, audio and kinetic means. Heinrich’s Triangle of preventing Industrial Accidents is also utilized to interpret and manage risk.

Learners will find training content is comprehensive and detailed, using interactive elements to help the student learn the concepts of how to apply the training in the field. Training is delivered from a first-person perspective and focuses on worker and supervisor relations. Additional videos and a 3D Virtual Electrical Workplace is used to illustrate the concepts.

The training is based on the CSA Z462-18 Standard and is OHS Z-1001 compliant.

Students who score 80% or greater earn their training certificate and can apply for 0.6 Continuing Education Units (CEU's). Final assessment questions are fully randomized so Workers never have the same exact questions.

Click here to view the online demo 

For more information or assistance contact Jim Pollard:
Jim Pollard
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