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CAM News & Updates
Ontario in severe lockdown with inter-provincial border restrictions

On April 16, 2021, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that Ontario would enter a more severe - and prolonged - stay-at-home order.  Ontario’s emergency declaration was extended another two weeks, until the third week of May.  While there are a number of measures being taken, movers should be aware that checkpoints will be set up as of 12:01 am Monday, April 19th at all interprovincial borders, limiting incoming access to border crossing from Manitoba and Québec to work, medical care, transportation of goods and exercising treaty rights.  Movers are reminded to have their essential workers' paperwork, and all clients' moving documents, on hand with the drivers of the trucks passing through these borders.  This includes drivers who are driving through Ontario with no deliveries planned.  Here are links to template letters that essential transportation workers can use.

CAM’s members-only co-signed template letter for essential transportation workers

(Call us to get your members-only login.)

Transport Canada essential transportation worker employment confirmation letter

Celebrating our 300th issue!


President's Message

camengnancy-may262020.pngHey, anytime I can put Gerard Butler’s name on the same page as the Canadian Association of Movers, I’m going to take it!  Besides the fact that I loved that movie, it isn’t much of a stretch (OK, it might be, but I’m doing it anyway!) to connect it with the occasion of CAM’s 300th newsletter edition.  So here we go …

The plot of 300 revolves around King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), who leads three hundred Spartans into battle against the much more powerful Persian "God-King" Xerxes and his invading army of more than 300,000 soldiers. 

CAM members have always had a battle against the much larger threat of rogue or scam movers.  Add to that, the new challenge of the steady increase of internet movers and their ability to control the online narrative, by providing their cheap rates and “glorified” service in a wide swath across the web.  While we know that what they are doing is morally wrong and ethically unacceptable … with professional moving companies’ overheads, it’s hard to battle those cheap prices. 

Our small army of outraged consumers, annoyed members, determined Board directors, unpaid friends in various fields of law, and a small corporate staff, with no money to put towards online advertising or messaging, or a retained legal team, are together starting to make advances in the battle.  

One main culprit, and its multiple subsidiaries and personas, (as well as their usual scam tactics) are getting well known by being outed by our small minority – the Scam Movers Victim Support Group, Toronto lawyer Rocco Scocco, and CAM.  In fact, with our little network, including ProBono Ontario, we have found of late that there are fewer complaints and that those victims who are instructed to go to court, are able to settle with the scammers outside court.  We think that these rogues are realizing that when people fight back it ends up costing them.  We’ve even heard of a recent victim, whose goods were being held hostage, who got her things returned for the original agreed price.  That’s significant progress in the last year that they’ve been successfully running their scam in earnest.

By no means have we won the war yet, but through steady (and, thankfully, free) social media and mainstream media messaging, partnering with those folks mentioned above, and the Better Business Bureaus, we are winning more battles.  Consumers are taking note of and engaging CAM and our trusted and reliable movers.  We will continue to push forward and tell you all about it in the newsletter.

Happy 300th edition to us!  You’ll read more about that, and other important news, below.



StallionMoversupdatedaprl202021.pngWe are thrilled to welcome a new independent mover to our Association!  Stallion Movers specializes in seniors moving and small moving in Kitchener, Ontario. “We offer a wide range of specialized services and can do as much or as little as you need. From a small one-bedroom retirement home move to a full 4 bedroom home, Stallion Movers has you covered. We are focused on the customer experience, from that initial contact right through to the last box being placed; we want to make sure we carry your worries away. We allow the appropriate amount of time for every job and have no hidden fees. We get the job done right the first time.” Stallion’s President Brett Ford goes on to say, “Let us be your workhorses and carry your worries away!” Please reach out to Brett and say hello!

Stallion Movers Inc.
Brett Ford, President
Tel: 519-502-7832 



CAM publishes its 300th Newsletter!

cam300newsleeterapril202121.jpgOn June 2, 1998, CAM published its inaugural members’ newsletter.  The subject matter?  For the most part, very similar to the subject matter in our newsletters over the past year.

  • A report on new Hours-of-Service regulations being developed by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators as well as mention of a device which measures a driver's fatigue level and fitness to work is currently being evaluated as an alternative to the current duty cycles;
  • How industry-specific software can assist the mover in Canada;
  • CAMs desire to create a Canadian professional mover’s course with a section on information technology.

Since that issue, CAM has continued to expand its newsletter to provide more information for members.  In September 2008, CAM produced the first bilingual newsletter.

Today’s bi-weekly newsletter is prepared by a team of 7 – CAM’s Nancy Irvine and Marian McGuire who do all the research and writing of the content; Gaétan Brodeur and Claire Boileau of BCBG Communication who do the full translation for Le Déménageur Averti; and Media Edge’s David Careless, Valetta Dsouza and Cindy Tang who look after advertising and production of both newsletters.  We couldn’t do it without them!

Collectively, we put a lot of work into providing relevant, timely information.  Just a few weeks back, one of our board members shot Nancy a message saying that our “messaging is articulate and well thought through… always topical and spot-on for the times.”  We aim to please!  

CAM Training Videos available once again!


After a few months of downtime, while we worked with our website development team to convert the old training videos, we are excited to announce that we are back up and running!  Both the Helper Video and quiz and the Packing and Unpacking videos and quizzes are now available in our members-only education resources section of the website.  As always, these videos are free for CAM members to use.  Call us to get your members-only login.

New Supply of Brochures available!

camnewsapril72021-3.pngCAM’s popular Choosing a Mover (who can you trust?) brochure has been reprinted and is available to members for distribution to their customers.  The purpose of the brochure is for moving salespeople or coordinators to provide the brochure and have a conversation with their potential customers about professional, certified moving companies such as theirs and the importance of the consumer doing their homework before choosing their mover. Brochures are available in English and French and are super affordable.  Please contact to order yours!  

Canadian Professional Mover Course – it’s free!

It’s not too late to get your CPM designation before the busy moving season begins!

Moving professionals who complete the CPM Course will have an understanding of the moving consultant's role and of the services provided by movers in Canada.

The Canadian Professional Mover Course consists of nine lessons:

  • Estimating Procedures
  • Long Distance Moving – Canada (2 lessons)
  • Long Distance Moving – Canada/USA/Mexico
  • Local Moving
  • Permanent Storage (3 lessons)
  • Office Moving

Each lesson contains the reading material required for the area of study, as well as the assignments that ensure that the material has been learned. Students typically take about two months to complete the course although it can be completed in a weekend.
The course is in English only and only available to CAM members. For more information, check out the CPM Course on our website



Stay up to Date!

We encourage you to check our COVID-19 section regularly on our website, as Nancy is still monitoring the various government briefings every day and that’s where we’re posting breaking news.

Be smart. Be vigilant. Be safe.

So how are we doing?  Results from our COVID-19 One Year Later Member Survey


Thank you to everyone who took 10 minutes to fill out the member survey we sent around a few weeks ago.  We had a 27% response rate which is considered typically representative, especially when the respondents are from the same industry.

Here are some highlights.

  • Things are generally improving.
    37% of respondents had an increase in revenue over last winter, 15% saw no change and 48% saw a decrease.  That is an overall improved position from the summer where the numbers were 15% increase, 5% steady and 80% decrease.  In the early months of the pandemic, almost everyone (95%) was seeing significant decreases in revenue year over year.  Only one-quarter of respondents “pivoted” and picked up non-traditional moving businesses.  Less than 8% of the survey respondents had to temporarily shut down for a maximum of 2 months.
  • Thank goodness for funding!
    82% of respondents accessed one of the Federal Government relief programs. CEWS, CEBA and the workshare programs were very popular.
  • Labour continues to be a challenge.  And that’s not going to go away.
    38% of respondents had to lay off employees.  While some employees were hired back temporarily for the summer, and some full time, 10% of respondents didn’t hire the laid-off employees back.  Not surprisingly, the majority of respondents cited ‘problems maintaining labour’ as their major source of pain.  Administrative and operational changes challenged many of our respondents.  New systems, including working from home and digitalizing paperwork are new to so many of us.
  • Health screening of employees and customers works.
    Only 6% of respondents do not have some form of a health screening program for their employees and customers.  55% screen their workers daily (and 33% regularly) while 61% always (28% not always) screen their customers.  39% have refused a job because the customer failed the health screen, with many respondents identifying that they have not encountered any issues yet. 

    Fortunately, only 1 in 5 respondents had an employee come down with COVID.  In most cases, the affected employee and anyone in close contact with that person had the mandatory 2-week quarantine then retested before coming back to work.  Others in the workplace monitored their symptoms during that time.  4 members had to partially close down for a bit.
  • We’re confident that we’re going to make it through, but we had some learning to do!
    While only 23% of respondents had a truck disinfecting policy and 20% had a warehouse disinfecting policy in place prior to COVID, and most had to come up with PPE policies for both worksite and office, 2/3 of respondents are very confident (28% somewhat confident) that we’ll make it through this coming peak season without having to shut down part of the business due to COVID or the economic downturn.
  • Some are thinking about a vaccination policy.
    While everyone is waiting patiently (or not) for our turns for vaccines, we still have no definitive word from any governments on movers, as essential workers, being prioritized.  11% of our respondents have been actively thinking about a workplace vaccination policy, while the majority haven’t really thought about it or aren’t sure how to go about it.   (CAM does have some information on vaccine policies available here.) 
  • And speaking of information ….
    30% of you accessed CAM’s COVID-19 information pages quite often or regularly, and almost 50% stopped by once or twice to check out key information that was uploaded as quickly as it was announced.  Thank you!  There’s still going to be lots to tell you, and your customers, so if you haven’t been by, you can find the link on the home page of or click here.

Interested in what members have said?  Here’s the link to the whole survey response.  You will find all of the comments there (and they are really interesting).

How’s COVID affecting you?


Two weeks ago we hosted a webinar with Sandra Crozier-McKee.

The exercise at the beginning of the session asked:

  • what three feelings are you experiencing at this moment?
  • What three feelings are your coworkers experiencing at this moment?
  • what three feelings are your customers experiencing at this time?

The answer was the same for everyone. While the topic of the webinar was how to build a rapport and trust between you and your client, it also was a therapy session for all of us because it was the first time we’ve had an open discussion in a year about the craziness that we are going through as movers (and essential workers trying not to get sick), as well as our clients, are going through with the stress of moving during Covid AND a housing crisis. Part of the session was recognizing your own feelings and dealing with them through self-care (journaling, exercise, meditation) before you are in contact with your client. Then we were discussing how much better you would be at recognizing your clients’ feelings and having the right amount of empathy and regard for them.

It was a great session. How many of you can say that these feelings are in the top 5 of your feelings right now? Don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Vaccination Rollout information

Provincial vaccination rollout plans are now being announced across the country.  As each area has different protocols, we are providing links for each province's vaccine websites.  Please click on our COVID-19 Vaccine page to learn more.  We are also doing our best to keep up-to-date with each province’s announcements on essential workers' vaccination dates and will try and email members in each province as we hear.  

Vaccine policy at work – will you need one?

CAM President Nancy Irvine was invited to sit in on a session with the Maryland Motor Truck Association’s legal advisers who were addressing their membership on COVID and Employer Liability.  Nancy has had a couple of conversations with CAM members about mandatory workplace vaccinations and potential challenges with consumers who may demand to see proof that the crew coming into their homes have been vaccinated...all things we have to consider as we move into the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out Nancy’s summary of the session here.  

Provincial Restrictions and updated information

Do you find yourself trying to figure out what’s happening in a province that you have to make a delivery in? With COVID variants on the rise, things are continually changing depending on which province you are in. With COVID on the rise, things are changing rapidly once again. In order to help, we now have all of the provinces and territories listed with the links to that information on the main page of our COVID-19 news section.

Upcoming Industry Events!

TOMORROW - April 21, 2021 – Today’s Trucking Webinar:  Canadian ELD Update 

Today’s Trucking is bringing this live webinar to tell you what’s changed and what new information you need before the upcoming Canadian ELD mandate.  You will find out what to make of Transport Canada’s recent announcements and how to ensure you are ready when enforcement begins. You will also learn the timeline and rollout plan for Transport Canada’s enforcement of the mandate.

Register for Canadian ELD Update: What You Need to Know as the Deadline Looms

April 28, 2021 – SafetyDriven’s Live Webinar on Mental Health

Men make up 75% of the 4,000 completed suicides in Canada each year.  This free industry-based event on mental health opens a discussion on this silent crisis and explores it from A Man’s Perspective.  In this hour-long webinar, two speakers—both mental health advocates—will provide insight into mental health issues, personally from the trucking industry and professionally from the medical community.

Register for Mental Health – A Man’s Perspective


May is Moving Month

CAM is once again teaming up with the Better Business Bureaus across Canada to promote safe moving.  

Some of the topics we are going to cover this year include:

  • The steps CAM members should take to keep their customers safe during COVID.
  • How to safely move - Moving scams to be aware of in your area.
  • Tips on how to find a trusted moving company.
  • Good news stories about CAM members and their community work this past year.
  • Moving industry innovation & the future for moving.

Throughout the month we will also be providing consumer tips through mainstream and all of our social media platforms. As always, we encourage you to share these posts and articles. The more the information gets spread about trusted and reliable movers, the better! Here are a few sample graphics.

cameng-mayismovingmonth-april202021-1.jpg cameng-mayismovingmonth-april202021-2.jpg cameng-mayismovingmonth-april202021-3.jpg


53 days to go – Are you ready?  
Enforcement of Canada’s ELD mandate to be phased in over a year

Transport Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to a June 12 rollout of Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, but with a “progressive enforcement period” lasting 12 months.  CAM urges you to make sure you are compliant and a contributor to Canada’s road safety!

*new* Prepare for ELD mandate now, suppliers say

Canada’s ELD mandate won’t be fully enforced until June 2022, but some of the country’s largest ELD suppliers are stressing that it’s already time to begin preparing for the change.  The mandate, which so far is limited to federally regulated carriers, requires ELDs that are certified by a recognized third party. FPInnovations, the only body cleared to ensure the devices meet underlying technical standards, has yet to certify a device.  You can read more of the Truck News article here.

*new* Still not clued in?  Here are some FAQs

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators have posted answers to some frequently asked questions about ELDs.  You can check them out here

Previous articles:

As Canada’s ELD deadline nears, the government plans soft enforcement.  Read the Fleet Owner article here.

Leveraging Canadian ELDs for doing much more than Elogs - Truck News.  While CAM is not endorsing one product over another, this VLOG has a lot of info for maximizing your ELDs administratively and operationally.  Check out the suggestions here.

Online Guide to transitioning to ELDs

Product Spotlight



Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd.

Snowbirds Auto Connection is a family-owned and operated vehicle transport company providing reliable, door-to-door, damage-free transportation across Canada and the U.S. SAC offers a variety of services including coast-to-coast transportation, cross-border relocation and vehicle storage.

Learn More


CAM Golf Tournament


As golf courses open, we’re starting to think more about golf!  Join us at the beautiful Carlisle Golf Club for our 25th annual golf day.  At the moment, we are going with the same successful format as last year, which includes dedicated tee times between 11:00 am - 12:40 pm.  Lunch and post-game meals are included with cart and prizes.  Sponsorship opportunities are available right now. Look for registration to open in May.

CAM Conference


We are still monitoring Alberta’s COVID-19 regulations with regards to indoor meeting requirements.  A decision on whether we go ahead with our face-to-face conference will be made before the end of the summer.  Both hotel and conference registration will remain closed until that decision is made.  We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to meet in person, but we must take safety into consideration.  At this time, no one knows what is going to happen over the next few months.  Cross your fingers. | | Media Kit
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