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New office supply poses backfill challenges

An influx of new office supply was always expected to shake up the status quo in Toronto’s downtown commercial real estate market given that approximately two-thirds of the 8+ million square feet of space currently under construction is already preleased. However, prospects for backfilling were perhaps viewed with less trepidation entering 2020 when the downtown Class A vacancy rate floated around 2 percent.


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»Manitoba to redefine trespass violations
»Tenants gaining clout in downtown Montreal
»Report highlights resilient commercial real estate markets
Energizing assets with NRCan’s ENERGY STAR® for buildings 

There is no shortcut for sustainability. No cookie-cutter playbook for energy efficiency. Yet while the route towards greener and cleaner building operations may be different for every asset, programs like Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) ENERGY STAR® Certification for Commercial and Institutional Buildings put stakeholders on the right path. » READ MORE 

Stimuler les actifs grâce à la certification ENERGY STAR® pour les bâtiments de RNCan  

Il n’y a pas de raccourci vers le développement durable, ni de solution passe-partout pour atteindre l’efficacité énergétique. Bien que la route vers l’exploitation plus écologique et plus propre des bâtiments puisse être différente pour chaque actif, les programmes comme la certification ENERGY STAR® pour les bâtiments commerciaux et institutionnels® de Ressources naturelles Canada (RNCan) mettent les intervenants sur la bonne voie. » READ MORE

»Sluggish radon testing decried in New Brunswick
»Nova Scotia offers targeted property tax rebate
»Six women shaping Canada’s residential spaces
New fee model for Ontario elevator licenses

Beginning May 1, Ontario’s Technical Standards and Safety Authority will introduce fee increases for its oversight services in tandem with bundling some costs that were previously invoiced separately into new upfront flat rates. » READ MORE

Climate risk infuses investment agendas

Canadian commercial real estate assets are comparatively less exposed to the dire physical threats that extreme weather poses or has already served up in other global regions. Industry insiders suggest that could make the COVID-19 pandemic an even more instructive trial run for the ancillary risks the sector is likely to face due to climate change. Brewing calamities will bring economic and social upheaval far beyond their meteorological track, and a growing pool of investors is looking for evidence that asset and property managers are prepared to respond. » READ MORE

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