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A healthy case for maintaining synthetic grass
Some say the grass isn’t always greener when it’s artificial, but new plant-based innovations are showing that it can be, both literally and in a sustainable way. Forces in the market, from changing weather patterns to health and wellness, are also renewing the case for synthetic turf. And maintenance is just one area experiencing its positive attributes.
Saskatchewan moves to privatize janitorial services 
Earlier this week, Saskatchewan said it will move to contract cleaning in all its government buildings. 
Salaries linked to maintenance skills shortages
Employers' profile in the market and social media proficiency can help to attract jobseekers, while lengthy hiring processes can alienate job candidates and/or push them to openings with other employers.
Building a Pavement Maintenance Plan
After a heavy thunderstorm struck the city of Winnipeg, a large sinkhole formed and caused delays for drivers, requiring city buses to divert from their routes. The sinkhole formed because of a collapsed large diameter land drainage sewer. This shows what can happen to a paved surface, and it also proves why any pavement issues you experience as a facility manager must be taken care of immediately – before it’s too late.
Cleaning healthcare facilities without cutting corners
New methods, materials and equipment are entering the healthcare market every month, often without much science to back up their efficacy claims. Users should always examine cleaning efficiency, how the process fits within the guidelines of infection prevention and control and how new methods and equipment impact labour. 
Can Clean show postponed, 'more critical than ever'
Can Clean 2017, Canada’s largest trade show for the Canadian cleaning industry, has been postponed until April 2018.

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Citron Hygiene acquires Workplace Essentials
Citron Hygiene has acquired Workplace Essentials, a washroom and workplace hygiene company, headquartered in the Boston suburb of Billerica, Massachusetts.
Hospital-acquired infection control market reaches $16 billion
The global HAI control market was worth about $16 billion (U.S.) in 2016. A recent report also states that new approaches to preventing, diagnosing, and treating infections related to this market will be required for the long-term.
in_the_loop_banner_energy_sus.jpg Ice technology intends to change industrial cleaning industry 
An innovative ice technology developed by a company in B.C. aims to change the industrial cleaning industry and stop millions of gallons of water from being wasted each year on cleaning applications. 
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ICYMI: New AODA requirements underscore maintenance
With 2017 underway, Ontario-based companies must now enact specific AODA requirements to ensure accessibility for employees and customers. It's important to consider how changes affect facilities, as well as the maintenance and cleaning companies who service them.
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