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Cleaning within the NHL bubble

The coronavirus pandemic swept into Canada in early 2020 with a ferocity that brought the country to a grinding halt. With many individuals out of work and hope of a return to normalcy quickly diminishing, hockey fans across the country rejoiced with news that the National Hockey League (NHL) would resume play, and a Stanley Cup champion would be awarded. And all this in an NHL bubble on Canadian soil.


»Enhancing hospitality cleaning and safety solutions
»Graffiti is more than just scrawl for facility owners
»Floor scrubber market keeps growing during pandemic
Don’t Forget the Soap

The 2020 pandemic has turned a focus on hand hygiene – and for a good reason. Yet while using hand sanitizer is important for preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2, the virus which can cause COVID-19, it’s critical to keep regular handwashing with soap in the mix.» READ MORE

»ISSA announces 2020 Innovation of the Year Award winners
»The rise of the hybrid office
»Canada’s condo insurance crisis
Cleaning vs. Disinfecting: Seeing the “bigger picture”

Cleaning and disinfecting have become critical priorities for building and facility stakeholders. And, with little room for error, the pressure is on cleaning professionals to ensure environments not only appear clean but uphold the highest standards of hygiene. » READ MORE

Products & practices for a sustainable future

For some companies, sustainable cleaning has long been top of mind. For others, it’s become a renewed focus in the wake of 2020, the year of the pandemic. Whatever the state of play has been until this point, though, there’s no doubt that in the current world, the issue is an unavoidable topic of discussion.  » READ MORE

Protecting workplaces from a “twindemic”

The flu season has always been a concern for businesses. Workplaces are overtaken by illness that seems to hit one or more team members at a time, leaving them short-staffed and under-productive. With flu season fast approaching, there is growing concern among health professionals of a “twindemic” – an overlap of the annual flu season and a resurgence of COVID-19 cases this fall and winter.  » READ MORE


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