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CAM News & Updates
President's Message

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This year’s “May is Moving Month” went on a little longer than expected. I must say, MIMM went out with a bang! We had unprecedented press last month, way outshining our initial collaboration with the Better Business Bureau last year. This year, in additional to our 4 Basic Principles and 5 Checks graphics, the BBB designed ten new messages that we used throughout the month. Many of you shared them and more branches of the BBB got involved as well. We saw an increase in traffic on our website and social platforms and additional inquiries and referrals. 

But just when we thought we could move on to concentrate on other activities, such as writing articles for the Fall Issue of The Canadian Mover, the phones starting ringing off the hook after the release of a CBC Investigative report on a non-member move that went horribly wrong a few months ago. A day later, the radio interview was released. It’s even more compelling than the news article.

June 6th and 7th were the largest social media days we’ve ever had! Between our posts – and posts that many of you did – we were busy dealing with Facebook requests and responding to commentary on the other platforms and it continued on for weeks afterwards. It’s been such an eye-opener for some consumers that I’ve already scheduled to post both the print and radio interviews on social at different times throughout the summer as new folks enter the market and begin searching for movers. I encourage you to share these posts again, or for the first time, if you haven’t already. As I said in the email we sent out on June 6th, you can’t turn down social media gifts when they are handed to you.

Surprisingly, the chatter on the CBC article has been mostly positive towards professional moving companies. I was bracing for a backlash of anger towards movers in general (lumping all of us in with this horrific company) but, happily, that wasn’t the case. How refreshing for all.

Other than the illegal dumping invoice that was sent to the customer, this story and the fallout of the move are not new to us. Over-promising, careless handling of their items, and attempting to extort more money from the customer are all characteristics of rogue operations.

Our greatest success is to continue to promote CAM’s code of ethics and our willingness to be open and honest about the services we can realistically provide. You’re not going to win every quote, but let’s hope that common sense will prevail with your potential customers and they realize that cheap is never a good bargain.

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The Canadian Mover now available!

CAM 5.jpgJust in time for our busy season, the Spring 2019 issue of The Canadian Mover is now on its way to a coffee table near you! This issue is jammed packed with topical articles as well as our annual membership directory. When you thumb through it, please take a moment to notice our advertisers. Without them, our publication would not be possible. If you’d like to view the online version, please click here.

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North American Household Goods and Effects Relocation Services notice

For your information, a notice was published on June 20th on the federal government procurement website concerning North American Household Goods and Effects Relocation Services. For your convenience, the link is below. 

Welcome Reindeer Logistics 

CAM 3.jpgCAM welcomes Reindeer Logistics LLC to the Association as a new supplier member providing vehicle transportation services. 

20+ stolen shipments located in Scarborough ON

CAM was contacted on June 12th through our Facebook page by a victim of last year’s run of scam moves by Access Canada Movers. The BC resident located her stolen shipment in a storage unit in Scarborough, Ontario, but it came with an unpaid storage bill of $2,600.  She informed us that there are at least twenty other unpaid, abandoned shipments there, for which the storage unit is trying to locate owners. CAM had almost fifty individual complaints about the actions of Access Canada within the past year-and-a-half, most of whom provided us with contact information. At the time of writing this newsletter, CAM has been communicating with the RCMP and the Financial Crimes Unit of the Toronto Police Service. Hopefully, there will be some happy reunions ahead for victims before the storage unit liquidates their shipments.

Golf – it’s happening – are you participating?

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Just 80 days until we golf. Now that sounds like a long time away, but it isn’t. Especially when you’re about to get so busy that the days all run into one.

Why not get registered right now while you’re reading this? Golf fees haven’t changed in years – and we aren’t changing them this year either! Golf, lunch and dinner are $200. That even includes tax! Our sponsors are so happy to be aboard (and we’re happy to have them) but, honestly, they aren’t sure what to expect as it is Friday the 13th and anything can happen on that day. To find out more, and to get registered, check out the golf event page. Don’t forget the early bird offer – the draw is in one month!

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Meet the Decision Makers at the Early Bird Rate!

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Would you like to meet decision makers and mobility professionals from some of Canada’s leading corporations? Reserve your spot to attend the CERC National Conference, September 15-17, Niagara Falls, Ontario and you’ll be sure to expand your networks.

If you want to stay ahead as a professional in the mobility industry, this a conference not to be missed. You’ll learn how to see and respond to the competitive challenges confronting our industry and get insights into the future trends. 

Early Bird tickets are still available if you register by Sunday, June 30.

Feature Spotlight


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Conference gearing up

CAM 8.jpgSome time in the next few days, you'll likely receive a copy of our spring issue of The Canadian Mover, CAM's magazine and member directory. Inside you'll find a conference overview and registration form. Registration for the conference is now open, as is registration at the preferred rate for Westin Trillium, Blue Mountain ON. Think about bringing your spouse (maybe even your family) and take advantage of the adjoining village and all that Collingwood has to offer. Rooms have fireplaces and at minimum, a microwave and fridge. All you need to do is bring popcorn!

By the way, conference fees have not increased for years … we’d like to thank our sponsors for helping us keep it that way!

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Product Spotlight
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Victory Packaging

We can help you with our Moving & Storage supplies to keep your customers happy and your business moving forward. Contact me to find out what’s new and innovative in our industry.

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Movers’ memories

Here’s a blast from the past provided by Steve Sharpe. As Steve explains, “I was looking at a Facebook site and saw these motels. These were motels that our drivers used; this was before brokers and big, fancy rigs. You got a daily meal and hotel allowance and had to find a place to park the tractor trailer; not all hotels would allow you to use up a large part of their parking lot. One good thing – pre-cell phone – if you needed to get in touch with a driver, you only had to make one or two calls. Most are gone now, but our drivers and other crew members always said the rooms were clean and it fit into their price range.”

Thanks, Steve, for this entertaining look back. Enjoy, everyone!

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