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June 2020

Announcing our latest Board of Director Hugo Lafontaine

HugoLafontaine.PNGThe BEIC is proud to introduce Hugo Lafontaine, Vice President of Digital Energy at Schneider Electric Canada, responsible for the smart building and digital power business. Hugo is highly passionate about building technologies and the ability to optimize and drive efficiencies to all aspect of buildings. For more on Hugo and Schneider Electric please click here. 

CaGBC's Updated Zero Carbon Building Standard
In this critical decade for climate change, which calls for urgent and sustained action in order to achieve Canada’s carbon targets, zero carbon buildings represent the best opportunity for cost-effective emissions reductions. At the same time, investments in zero carbon buildings will generate opportunities for innovation and job creation. To take advantage of these opportunities and future-proof Canada’s cities and communities, industry and governments must adopt low-carbon strategies now.

Canada’s Economic Recovery could be a Boon for Women in the Energy Efficiency Sector
This blog will focus on the opportunity that lies in energy efficiency for women – that is to advance their participation in the clean energy transition and what’s needed for this to occur.

IoT Technology in Mid-Market Commercial Properties Introduction
In this article, we will go over the common plumbing systems in commercial and multiresidential buildings and the current technologies available in the market. We will cover what an ideal low-cost technology looks like and which asset types are set to benefit the most. Lastly, we will look in detail at specific applications of how current market Internet of things (IoT) technology can advance the current domestic water system design standards.

Out of Quarantine and Into Legionella? Testing and Treating Water Before Employees Return
During the Covid-19 quarantine,businesses and manufacturing operations around the world have been shut down for extended periods leaving potable and non-potable building water systems idle. Stagnant water creates the perfect environment for Legionella bacteria growth, escalating the risk for Legionnaires’ disease, a deadly respiratory infection with severe pneumonia-like symptoms.

Using AI to Combat COVID-19 in Commercial and Corporate Real Estate
With social distancing measures being enforced not only across North America but globally, many commercial buildings have been left either completely or partially vacant. However, most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are still functioning as though buildings are at normal capacity. In times like these, where the financial burden of the pandemic is being felt by both building owners and tenants, sitting idle and proceeding with status quo building operations is inefficient and unnecessarily costly.

Ready for Now, Resilient for Tomorrow: Trane Services Help Building Owners Reopen Safely and Confidently
“It’s a different world for buildings and those who run them,” said Donny Simmons, president, Commercial HVAC Americas, Trane Technologies. “Building operators must plan to safely welcome back employees, tenants and customers while balancing new realities. They need a trusted partner who understands the impact of indoor air quality, where to make investments, and how to make buildings more sustainable.

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