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ECAO 2018 Conference Barcelona, May 26/27- June 2, 2018

Registration for the ECAO Conference is gaining momentum and the conference business sessions are finalized, so please take a look at our feature speakers and events below.

Register today at

I am pleased to announce that the early bird winners are as follows:

Peter Tuck, Black & MacDonald and Jason Jackson, President of Tri-Electric. 



New Representatives and Board Members

Your Executive Committee, Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency (ETBA), and Board of Directors held their first meeting of 2018 a few days ago with some new faces at the table. At the ETBA Niagara Peninsula ECA appointed Larry Shaver of Gordon Wright Electric to replace outgoing member Anthony Tofano, formerly of Procon Niagara, with Dan Toppazzini of Weinmann Electric appointed as Larry’s alternate. There were three (3) new Board Directors sworn-in: Mike Leone of Procon Constructors replacing Anthony Tofano for Niagara Peninsula ECA; Roch Pickness of Wired Synergy replacing Gary Ganim for ECA Ottawa; and Bob Ritzmann of AllTrade for the Line Committee.

We warmly welcome all of our new representatives and Directors, and I look forward to working with you and your colleagues for ECAO members and affiliated partners. I also want to pass along my sincere gratitude, as well as the gratitude of our committees, Board, and members, to our outgoing representatives and Directors. As I wrote last time, we are thankful for the foundation you have laid and hope that we can advance the interests and status of ECAO, ECAO members, and ECAO affiliated partners.

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is an administrative authority mandated by the Government of Ontario to enhance public electrical safety in the province; an organization about which you are all very familiar. ESA identifies their primary activities as: “identifying and targeting leading causes of electrical safety risk; ensuring compliance with regulations; promoting awareness, education and training; and collaborating with stakeholders to improve the state of electrical safety in Ontario.” At a recent meeting ECAO had with ESA we learned that ESA is seeking greater input from ECAO members. As a result, Cathy Frederickson will be contacting all of our local associations to help facilitate ESA attendance at your board meetings and/or other means of providing ESA with feedback. In the meantime, and moving forward, we ask that you please contact Cathy at our office with any concerns, feedback, or suggestions for the Electrical Safety Authority; so that ECAO’s representatives on the ESA Contractor Advisory Council and ECRA Advisory Council , Joe Kurpe and Larry Shaver, might pass your information along.

And- Don’t forget to register for the 2018 Conference in Barcelona!

Safe At Work Ontario consultations 

Every year, the ministry reaches out to stakeholders to obtain feedback on how to improve its enforcement efforts. The ministry is holding the 2018-2019 consultations across the province in January and February. We would like your help with determining emerging hazards and risks in different sectors, identifying useful data and compliance resources, and improving the effectiveness of the ministry’s campaigns. 

Specifically, the ministry would like your input to:

  • Identify emerging hazards and risks in your sector
  • Identify data and compliance resources that would be useful to you
  • Improve the effectiveness of our enforcement campaigns

How to participate
The questions will be discussed at the stakeholder consultations taking place across the province in January and February 2018. To register for the consultations, please visit Eventbrite. Dates are filling fast and some sessions have waiting lists. 

You are also welcome to send written feedback to


Technology Adoption in the Trades

As we look at ahead to 2018, it's no surprise to see that virtually every industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Businesses of every trade are adopting new digital technologies and software to increase productive and stay ahead – and construction is certainly no exception. That being said, it's also no secret that the construction industry lags in productivity compared to other industries.

Please read this insightful article by Greg Fry who suggests some approaches to this issue.


Local 402 Thunder Bay Opens New Training Facility

The new 12,800 square foot facility has a large workshop teaching environment with a 24’ ceiling. It contains the stations apprentices will need to get hands-on learning for the 276 different electrical skills they need to know. This facility will train top calibre electricians, and to provide good jobs to local people, including First Nations.

Amongst the upgrades planned are virtual reality simulators for welding and wiring transformers. This will not only reduce training costs in the long term, as welding supplies are costly, but it will help ensure apprentices have a safer learning environment.

“Our new building takes advantage of power over ethernet efficiencies, which also means we’re well positioned to move forward as technology continues to develop,” said Glen Drewes, Business Manager Local 402. “How we wire buildings is changing. If we don’t keep up we’ll lose out.”

In addition to training electrical apprentices, the training facility will also benefit journeypersons who want to upgrade their skills as technology changes.


Touring the new facility is (left-right) 2nd year apprentice Rachel Kotanen, Journeyman Alex Polci, Journeyman Mitch Gvora, IBEW International Vice President Bill Daniels and IBEW 402 Business Manager Glen Drewes.


Government Downgrades Position of the Chief Prevention Officer

COCA-January News Letter

In late 2011 George Gritziotis received an Order in Council (OIC) appointment to serve as Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) for a term of five years. Gritziotis built an organization, developed a system strategy and implemented a number of programs and was reappointed.

In 2017 Gritziotis was recruited from the Prevention Office to become the Registrar & CEO of the Ontario College of Trades. In finding a replacement for Gritziotis, the government downgraded the CPO position to the rank of Assistant Deputy Minister reporting to the Deputy Minister, not to the Minister.

This represents a significant downgrade of the CPO position and an overall weakening of the government’s commitment to workplace health and safety.


51,000 new jobs added to construction industry in 2017

Canada’s unemployment rate fell to its lowest in four decades in 2017, with 51,000 jobs added to the construction industry.

The Statistics Canada monthly labour force survey reported a year of growth across all industries. Unemployment rates landed at 5.7 per cent, the lowest since 1976.

Construction employment grew 3.6 per cent in the last year. The industry saw a 0.5 per cent bump from November to December 2017, a total of 6,500 new jobs. A more in-depth discussion can be found in this article. 


Understanding the WSIB's Rate Framework - Risk Banding

Under the proposed preliminary Rate Framework, each employer would see their Class Target Premium Rate adjusted based on the risk that the employer brings to the system (after taking into consideration each employer's historical experience or actuarial predictability). This adjustment will result in a premium rate for the upcoming calendar year that is no longer subjected to a surcharge or a rebate later in the following year.

The figure below illustrates how a risk band chart could appear under the proposed preliminary Rate Framework


In order to determine an Employer Premium Rate Adjustment, and where they would be placed relative to the Class Target Premium Rate, the WSIB would first determine the employer's individual actuarial predictability as described in the previous section. After the employer's actuarial predictability has been identified (Step A), the WSIB would use the Steps B-I to determine the Employer Level Premium Rate for the upcoming year, and what risk band they will be in.

Read More from WSIB

Industry Events

Canadian Construction Association (CCA) Annual Conference Banff, March 12-15, 2018


Member Benefit Highlight



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