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CAM News & Updates
CAM Holiday Office Hours


CAM’s office will be closed for the Christmas Holidays from noon December 21st until 9 am January 2nd (Eastern time). 

President Message


Annual General Meetings are boring. Let’s face that fact.  Ours is no exception! How can you make financial statements or the dullness of formality interesting, or heaven forbid, exciting? Well, there are likely ways, and I’m sure most of them would be frowned upon by the local constabulary.

CAM Chairman Cam Carswell and Secretary-Treasurer David Ogilvy did an admiral job in front of a record number of attendees at our AGM last month. An AGM is a necessary part of any Association’s yearly activities and we don’t take it lightly. Especially this past year, with so many things changing through our committee work. Typically, an AGM is a lot of reporting: what each committee is up to, what the Chairman thinks, what’s on the mind of the President, and of course, the release of the financial picture.

Most of the time, we just file the reports and they gather dust in the archives. However, since many of you can’t attend the meetings, I thought we’d share a couple of reports over the next few newsletters, so you can get caught up on where we’re at.

We heard that several of you were disappointed that neither Cam (as in Carswell), nor I, addressed the audience – that is something we will add to the agenda for next year’s AGM. But since that’s 342 days away, I thought I’d start with adding my report to this newsletter. You will find it below with a summary of the Supplier and Membership Committees. In the next issue, you see the remainder of the reports.

Our Board is great! With representation from the van lines (corporate), small and large movers, van line agents and independents, suppliers and sponsors, CAM has support from coast to coast. As competitors, they park their hats at the door and participate in Board discussions with good intentions for the betterment of the professional moving industry in Canada. I continue to be grateful for their insight and support as the Association continues to evolve and fine-tune. 

What’s CAM been up to?

Many of you could not make the Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls, so we’re bringing it to you!  Here are a couple of committee reports to get you up to speed on what’s been going on over the last year.

CAM President's Report (by Nancy Irvine, President)

At the 22nd annual conference in Montréal, we learned about change and how to adapt to it. It wasn’t just the moving companies that our speakers were talking about. The Canadian Association of Movers was in the midst of change as well.

After significant upheaval within the CAM for the past few years, with three Presidential changes and various leadership styles, things have settled down with the top staff position and now CAM has been able to get down to business.

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CAM Supplier Committee Report (by Steve Stockill, Committee Chair)

Throughout the year, the committee has evolved into a great source of internal idea-sharing and acts as a conduit between CAM’s Board of Directors and Suppliers. 

In the past year, the committee has been actively involved and had many successes including:

  • Designing and circulating a supplemental Supplier Directory for mover members in June with a plan to send it out quarterly or as supplier listings are updated. The Directory can also be viewed on CAM’s dedicated Suppliers web page.
  • Increasing supplier participation in CAM activities, especially the golf tournament and conference.
  • Restructuring CAMs sponsorship and advertising opportunities, which has resulted in a history-setting response from suppliers and commitment to CAM.

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CAM Membership Committee Report (by Wayne Wishloff, Committee Chair)

The committee recently expanded its members following a change in Committee Chair. Wayne Wishloff agreed to take on the Chair position in November 2018 in place of Terry Krulicki who agreed to stay on as a committee member and Lorne Babiuk volunteered to join the group as well.

The committee has been meeting regularly to review all membership applications and expired memberships, as well as review membership issues that arose over the year.  CAM had 394 active members at the 2017 AGM. I’m pleased to report that CAM currently has 401 active members (as of the time of writing on November 4/18) – an increase of 2%.

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Conference Wrap Up

We are happy to provide the presentations of our six speakers…they can each be viewed on CAM’s website. Every one of them has invited you to contact them if you have any questions:

Connecting with the ‘Me’ Generation – What You Need to Know About Engaging Millennials - Dong-Ling Chen, Deloitte

Maximize your Social ROI - Rebecca Mountain, Impetus Social

Canadians on the Move: Who’s moving? Where to and Why? - Stephen Cryne, CERC

Curing Cannabis Confusion: A Guide through the Haze - Sandra Crozier-McKee, Western Master Business Mechanics

US and Canadian Moving: New Paths for a New Generation - Scott Michael AMSA

“Difficult Conversations” – Planning for Family Business Successions - Mark Denney, Bridgeforce/WCS

Comings and goings

We have a few farewells to acknowledge.

Long-time claims manager with SIRVA Barb Garnett retired on November 23rd. We wish Barb the very best in her new interests. 

Sadly for CAM, John Delanty announced his retirement from our committees and his involvement in future CAM conferences – you’ll have to get your drink tickets from someone else in the future. Thanks, John, for being such a trooper doing the behind the scenes work and hosting duties at the conferences. If you ever change your mind...

Also, two of CAM’s directors did not seek reappointment. A huge thanks goes to Perry Thorne who served as a director, as CAM’s secretary-treasurer and as CAM’s chairman. We’d also like to thank Serge Nadeau for his service.

Vonigo Webinar a Success

Twenty members participated in Wednesday’s free webinar "How to tighten up your moving operations for next generation performance" that was hosted by Vonigo. We learned how to manage sales, customers, and operations and stay organized on all levels of our business to provide an even more positive experience for our customers.

We’ll be having more webinars with Vonigo throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Feature Spotlight


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Government of Canada procurement update

Public Services and Procurement Canada has launched a new free and easy-to-use service that allows suppliers to generate their own contract history letter to use as a reference when bidding on work. The letter is a useful tool if suppliers need proof of having done business with the Government of Canada, for example if they want to bid on international contracts. For details, you can visit the Request your own Supplier contract history letter service on the website. | | Media Kit
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