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Waste management tips for avoiding pests
Summer is fast-approaching, which means annoying pests will soon be out in full force. These buzzing, whirring and stinging creatures can become a big nuisance for your facility if left unchecked, and one of their favourite places to gather is a spot you may not often think about—the waste disposal zone.»READ MORE
»Researches discover possible pesticide-free way to limit mosquito populations
»Sunshine Building Maintenance: Building a legacy
»Montreal suburb moves to ban leaf blowers during summer
Outdoor Maintenance Projects to Tackle this Summer
Having an attractive building exterior adds to the property value and can create an impression that may help determine how much you can request from a tenant. Now that we’re into the summer season, it’s the perfect time to tackle any outdoor maintenance projects you may have been putting off. »READ MORE
»BC set to introduce new first aid training requirements
»NB motorists urged to exercise caution while driving as summer construction gets underway
»Makers of discredited firefighting foams sued
H&S Building Supplies Ltd. is one of Ontario's premier maintenance supply wholesalers. We specialize in the multi-unit residential space; providing quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and product knowledge second to none. We exist to service & supply the property management industry. »VISIT OUR WEBSITE
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Wet weather underscores importance of matting
The bottoms of customers’ and employees’ shoes can spread wet mud, melting snow, gravel, salt and sand across a business’s floors. Any type of flooring, including tile, laminate, concrete, carpet and wood can be visibly soiled by these contaminants. Cleanliness, or lack thereof, can make a lasting impression on guests, as well as a business’s reputation and bottom line. »READ MORE
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Creating a lasting first impression for your facility
First impressions can last a lifetime. A good or bad experience on a person’s first visit to a building can be the difference between a returning client or a lost opportunity. An opinion is formed within seconds of an individual walking through your doors and the scent that greets their nostrils will go a long way to deciding whether that opinion is positive or negative. »READ MORE
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