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More hospitals introduce antimicrobial copper
Hospitals have a potent, new tool in their mission to improve patient health and safety. It also happens to be one of the oldest metals known to man – copper. Increasingly, health facilities are using Antimicrobial Copper to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), as not only does it continuously kill 99.9% of infectious bacteria (including MRSA & other drug resistant superbugs), it also has the potential to save them a fortune in infection control.
»Insurance industry unprepared for extreme weather
»PRSM releases Retail Facilities Maintenance Industry report
»Potentially hazardous mould found aboard Canadian warship
Outdoor Maintenance Projects to Tackle this Summer
Having an attractive building exterior adds to the property value and can create an impression that may help determine how much you can request from a tenant. Before summer hits, why not tackle any outdoor maintenance projects you may have been putting off. Your tenants (and bank account!) will thank you. »READ MORE
»Back safety campaign launched in Alberta
»The importance of air quality for productive workers
»Saskatoon company to revolutionize construction site safety
H&S Building Supplies Ltd. is one of Ontario's premier maintenance supply wholesalers. We specialize in the multi-unit residential space; providing quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and product knowledge second to none. We exist to service & supply the property management industry. »VISIT OUR WEBSITE
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Smart tech enhances restroom maintenance
It’s well known that poorly cleaned and maintained restrooms, regardless of facility type or industry, can damage reputation, negatively affect perception and impact a business’s ability to attract and retain tenants/customers. Still, many companies fail to recognize the significance of this threat to their bottom line. »READ MORE
The Cannabis Act: What employers need to know
The impending legalization of recreational marijuana presents challenging and unchartered territory for many employers in Canada. The forthcoming Cannabis Act, AKA Bill C-45, raises a number of questions regarding workplace safety and impairment, particularly for jobs that have the potential to place employees in harm’s way. Here’s what employers need to know ahead of the law changes. »READ MORE
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