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A year like no other for campus cleaning

From retail to offices, healthcare to food service, there isn’t a sector of society that hasn’t been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges and changes it has brought on. In short, while the foundations of cleaning and infection control remain the same, the practicalities of the job have seen fundamental shifts.


»Bell Centre becomes first Canadian hockey arena to achieve GBAC STAR accreditation
»Hand hygiene essentials for World Hand Hygiene Day
»How Canada can learn from Taiwan in beating COVID-19
Intelligent public washrooms: A promising solution for the future

Recent technological advances have made it possible to develop innovative ways to manage public washroom maintenance intelligently. The current coronavirus pandemic confirms more than ever the importance of hygienic and secure facilities.» READ MORE

»Health care providers contemplate plastic waste
»Radiation cleanup crews to be offered payouts
»How schools are boosting air quality measures
Combatting Legionnaires’ disease in water restoration jobs

An unusual outbreak of a pneumonia-like lung infection caused by a previously unknown bacterium occurred in July 1976 among people who went to a convention of the American Legion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A total of 182 people were infected, and 29 of those cases were fatal. The spread of the bacterium appeared to be airborne. This illness eventually became known as Legionnaires’ disease. » READ MORE

The power of UV-C light
When Dr. Gavin Macgregor-Skinner travels, he more closely resembles an astronaut preparing for a space journey than a traditional traveller on a business trip. He knows the hazards of potentially dangerous infectious agents. He knows the proven dangers of infectious agents such as the coronavirus. He knows that there could be something new right around the corner that poses a threat to human health. He doesn’t take any chances.» READ MORE

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