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CAM News & Updates
President's Message


Many of you are currently dealing with not only your own stress but also that of your coworkers and family.  It’s completely understandable.  We all know that in our industry, we “absorb” our customer’s moving stress so that they can hopefully be calmer throughout their interaction with us.  We’re pretty good at that.  But COVID-19 has taken stress absorption to a whole new level.

I don’t know how many times in the past month I’ve thought about how overwhelming this can be for us all.  For me, it’s super long days watching all those provincial media briefings trying to keep on top of information for you and our COVID-19 news site, while managing an overextended asthmatic episode that has had many of the similarities of the virus (thus scaring the heck out of me).  That in itself would be enough – but I also have the burden of assisting my 88 and 90-year-old parents who themselves are health-compromised and can’t have any contact with anyone, including me.  Let’s just say, I look forward to normalcy sometime in the fall.

I feel that my stress is minor compared to most of you, as I live alone and more-or-less work alone (Marian and I chat daily).  However, for most of you – there are dozens of coworkers and a family at home who need your attention.  You might be the one who has to make the difficult decisions about staffing levels, managing the ever-changing (and perhaps non-existent) workload, implementing the intense health and safety requirements at work, while having the kids at home.  It isn’t easy.

There are hundreds of mental health sites out there.  You, or someone you know, may be dealing with anxiety, depression, substance abuse or a myriad of other challenges that are heightened at this time.  I encourage you to check out the Government of Canada’s health and wellness information with links to provincial resources.

And take advantage of any financial assistance program that you or your employees can qualify for.  I’m sure that any money coming in will help relieve some of the stress.

Wash your hands, keep your distance, and take care of yourself.  We may not get busy until July or August (and run through until October or November), but we’ve got this!

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COVID-19 Information


We are working very hard to provide you with the most current information available to Canadians regarding coronavirus.  This can be found at our COVID-19 link on the CAM website. 

There is so much information coming in and changing daily, that we encourage you to check out not only the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 site but also your provincial site (see links below).  Or, if you prefer to access on your phone, there is a Canada COVID-19 app available through your favourite app store.

Every province has different rules and regulations and it’s hard to keep up.  If we do not have something posted that you feel would be of use to your fellow members, please email us the link.

We sincerely appreciate all of the information and interaction we have had with our members over the past month.  While not under the best circumstances, we’ve been glad that we’ve been able to help.

Here are all of the Provincial government COVID_19 website links. 

On April 5th, we were in touch federally and provincially with each of the Health Ministries to offer our assistance with getting medical equipment and supplies (and anything else they want) moved.  We have heard back from everyone and they encourage you to reach out to your provincial procurement department if you have the capacity to assist.  We also suggest you reach out to your own community hospital and services if you can help.

Do I have allergies, the flu, or COVID-19?

Here’s a handy chart to help you figure out your symptoms.


Have you got a Good News Story you want to share?

Never have there been so many people on the internet surfing.  While we continue to post our various “trustedandreliablemovers” messages for consumers, we thought it would be awesome to post some of the great things you folks are doing in your community.  For example, we posted this one recently from AMJ Campbell.


We heard from another member that they have been providing labour resources and trucks to help transform a hotel into a care facility, and have provided the same to set up an offsite clinic in a school.  So let us know and we’ll shout it out!  Send us your pics (with an explanation) by email to Nancy or tag #CanadianAssociationOfMovers in your posts.  We can post in French (or any other language) as well as long as you provide what should be said.

ZOOM Meetings – The Basics


How many of you have been on ZOOM in the past few weeks?  Since it’s free, probably a lot - or you’ve certainly seen many references to ZOOM on social media.

Friend to the moving industry on both sides of the border, Jim Spellos of U Meetings, has shared this 16 minute video on everything you need to know about ZOOM and setting up (lighting, screen positioning, etc.) for video chats in general.  Jim blends great humour, superb honesty and wonderful tips to help you manage your ZOOM meeting - whether professional or just with your family or friends - on your computer, tablet or phone.  It’s our future … may as well figure it out now!

Note:  With ZOOM having gone from two million users in December to 20 million in March, there’s been a lot in the media in the last couple of weeks about ZOOM’s privacy challenges and the ability of unauthorized third parties to access your site and take over your meeting by communicating with others.  ZOOM stopped information being shared with Facebook on April 5th and has upgraded its privacy and security controls.  The Privacy Commissioner in Ontario says that it is still safe to use ZOOM but strongly suggests that the best way you can have control of your meeting is to use passwords for everyone that comes into your ZOOM call (similar to a conference call done by phone) so that no unauthorized third-party user can get in and take over your call.

Feature Spotlight

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Premiere Van Lines

The Canadian moving industry generates over $2 Billion each year. As part of the Premiere Van Lines franchise and Atlas Van Lines agent, your business can grow from a local or regional mover to become part of a national network. Take advantage of our advertising programs that drive business to your door. We provide all the training and tools you will need to be successful in this industry.

Learn More

Working from Home 


Are you working from home?  It’s quite the balancing act, isn’t it?  Since it looks like we’re going to be doing it for a while, it’s time to get serious about your work/home life.  Here’s a great blog from IAM member TriGlobal about balance and productivity. 

May is Moving Month


Even if we aren’t doing a lot of moving in May, we are still going ahead with our successful social media campaign in partnership with the Better Business Bureaus in Canada.  Now in its third year, we will be featuring new social media posts with basic tips for identifying a #trustedandreliablemover.  With the May is Moving Month hashtags #MakeSafeMoves and #MovesYouCanTrust we will hit the month running with social media posts throughout May. 

Why not get ready for when our busy season starts, by posting on your social media when May arrives?

If you aren’t already a follower, please like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get posts that will be easy to share and use as promotion for you as a member of CAM.  We should have more to share next issue.  We’ve noticed a large increase in activity on social media these past few weeks and we appreciate it!

A Golden Opportunity


“As sad and challenging as the current crisis may be, it does represent a golden opportunity to make much-needed changes and adapt to the new reality in the moving industry.”  Read the rest of Mark Oakeshott’s thought-provoking blog on the future 

Product Spotlight



Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd.

Snowbirds Auto Connection is a family-owned and operated vehicle transport company providing reliable, door-to-door, damage-free transportation across Canada and the U.S. SAC offers a variety of services including coast-to-coast transportation, cross-border relocation and vehicle storage.

Learn More


Your ad could be here! Click above for more information about this exciting opportunity.

Learn More

2020 CAM Conference

At the moment, it’s still ‘all systems go’ for our 25th Annual Conference in Edmonton in November.  We lined up our speakers before coronavirus hit and now their topics are even more topical, which should provide for some lively discussions throughout the meetings.  We look forward to your participation, however, at this time, we are currently holding off on registrations until we know for certain that we are a go!  We’ll know more in the coming months as this situation plays itself out.  The conference committee would like to thank those sponsors who have stepped up to the plate early to help us out.  


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