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A Crucial Reminder to the IBEW and ECAO Members

Our Need for Continued Vigilance on (and away from) Construction Sites to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 

We offer our continued and sincere gratitude to all IBEW and ECAO members for all you have done to this point in our continuing fight against COVID-19! Your commitment, diligence, and awareness have been an inspiration to our industry, other sectors, and Ontario!

Maintain Physical Distance. The pandemic isn’t over.

ecao110820.pngWear a Mask. The pandemic isn’t over.

Wash your Hands Often. The pandemic isn’t over.

Do Not Relax. The pandemic isn’t over.

We are all still battling COVID-19. So, while construction has, thus far, performed well; please continue your tremendous efforts to curb the spread.

Stay vigilant, stay safe, and stay well. Take care of others and take care of yourself.


ECAO 2020 Virtual Social Event and AGM

You are invited to join us for our Virtual Social Event, prior to the formal AGM. The social event is scheduled conveniently for the end of the business day to start at 4:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm to ensure you still have a free evening. 

To Register Go To:

ecao1110820.png ecao2110820.png

We have 2 live musical performances planned for the social evening featuring Canadian musicians, Award Winning Country Music Artist, Jason McCoy and Gordie Johnson, the lead singer from Big Sugar with hits like Turn the Lights On and Diggn’ a Hole. We will also have a fun “Trivia Battle” for attendees along with prizes to encourage your participation during the battle. 

Instead of a themed costume event, we are holding a “Best Mask Contest”, and we are encouraging attendees to do some research and find just the right mask. Masks will be judged and prizes for Best Mask will also be awarded.

ECAO welcomes any sponsors who wish to be part of this unique first-time event. Below are the Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact

Business Session Speaker (Melanie Sodka) - $5,000

Live Artist Performances (1)- $2,000

Trivia Quiz Winners (2) - $1,000

The Ultimate Trivia Battle - $1,000

Best Face Mask Awards - $500



ecaoaug122020-3updated.pngRacist actions, activities, tones, or remarks have no place in Ontario workplaces including construction sites!

Recent events in Ontario, including 4 noose incidents being investigated by Toronto police, have yet again brought the issue of racism and systemic racism to the forefront of construction workers, companies, unions, employer associations, and our workplaces.

We must all stand together, exercising our responsibility to fight racism when we see, hear or experience it in our workplaces, on our sites, and in our community. We must all stand together in promoting an inclusive culture free of racism, bulling, and harassment of any kind; a culture where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

The ECAO not only have zero tolerance for any form of racism or intimidation; we are taking our responsibility to stand up and be actively anti-racist in policy and action.

To assist and educate our member companies and their employees on what racism is, how to recognize it on construction sites, and how to eliminate it for the good of all; we have developed the tool box talks and accompanying poster which can be found on our website at

Please take the time to have the discussion clearly communicating that racism is unacceptable in your company and on your work site and get commitment from workers to “see it say it and stop it”.

Please print and post the poster to reinforce our message to all workers, contractors, and visitors: racism of any kind will not be tolerated.


ECA Line Membership

ECA Line is holding their first Annual Meeting via Zoom on Thursday November 12, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. ECA Line was formed in 2018 to create more structure for the Line Committee. 

According to the ECA Line bylaw, membership shall consist of such individuals representing corporations, partnerships and other legal entities carrying on as a contractor signatory to the IBEW and who perform work pursuant to the Provincial Linework Agreement.

If you are not currently a member of ECA Line and perform work under the Provincial Linework Agreement (Yellow Pages), please email Jodi Travers at

There is no added cost to be a member of ECA Line.

    Download The COVID Covid Alert Mobile App To Protect Yourself And Your Community 

    ECAO and our partners, IBEW CCO encourage our members to download the COVID Alert mobile app to protect yourself and your community! 

    Apple App store:

    Google Play store:



    Readers Respond: COVID-19 Will Disrupt Construction For At Least Another Year

    ecao4110820.jpgA number of concerns weighed on readers’ minds due to the prolonged impact of the pandemic, including poor direction and leadership from government entities, the possibility of infected construction workers shutting down jobsites and people continuing to flaunt PPE and social distancing requirements.

    “Genuinely concerned that people do not take this seriously,” wrote one reader. “A simple safety precaution, like wearing masks, will make a difference. The longer people resist wearing masks, the longer they will continue this pandemic.”


    Saskatchewan’s Electrical Licensing Transfers To TSASK On August 4

    In Saskatchewan, government relations minister Lori Carr announced the transfer of electrical (and gas) licensing services from the Ministry of Government Relations to the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK) will be completed this weekend.

    “On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, contractors, tradespeople and businesses can go to TSASK’s website to obtain, renew and pay for their gas and electrical licences online,” Carr said. “This is the next step in creating a one-stop shop for provincial


    IHSA resumes all training and consulting after hectic spring

    Enzo Garritano, CEO Infrastructure Health and Safety Association said the reopening of the IHSA’s Toronto head office in June and the resumption of classes represented a return to a semblance of normalcy for the association after a blitz of ad hoc assignments called for by the provincial government during the spring. “We are pushing the message that we are open, we are back to doing training, we are back to apprenticeship training face to face and we are doing it in a safe manner and following the protocols we helped create and are endorsed by public health and the Ministry of Labour,” Garritano said.

    The Ministry of Labour reported in June that about 9,000 apprentices, 300 pre-apprentices, 148,000 workers taking Working at Heights programs and over 8,000 workers taking Joint Health and Safety Committee certification training programs had training cut short by the COVID-19 emergency orders issued in March.




    If you have successfully completed Level 3 of the ECAO Fire Alarm and Protection Certification Program, don’t waste what you’ve achieved in the previous levels! It is time to move on and with just one more level, you will become a Certified Fire Alarm Electrician!

    We are planning to run the next Distant Learning Level 4 course in Fall. The tentative commencement date is September 16, 2020. The course will start at 6:30 in the evening on a weeknight. Participants are required to have an internet connection in order to attend the course via “Go to Meeting”. They can connect through a computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera and microphone.

    Distant learning will benefit you remotely to continue study in the comfort of your own safe environment, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As time is money, you can also save your commute time traveling if you have a restricted schedule or live too far from a Local Training Hall. If you would consider taking the Distant Learning course, please contact our Certi-Fire Program Administrator at or 416-675-3226 Ext 8509

    Procore Sponsored Webinar- Technology and the Construction Industry

    Folks here is a must-attend live webinar by the Canadian Construction Association - Association canadienne de la construction titled 'Leading Change through Innovation' featuring some of Canada's brightest industry leaders on August 18th, 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST.

    Moderated by Procore Technologies’ Jas Saraw, the leadership panel will discuss how their organizations are reinventing workflow, supply chain structures & adopting to new realities. They will touch on transformation of our sector & long term changes they expect to emerge. So join us as we steep in the wisdom, experience and leadership of:

    • Terry Olynyk, President & Managing Director of Multiplex Canada where they have successfully delivered over 1,000 iconic projects around the world valued in excess of $100 billion.
    • Bryan Kaplan, Principal of Reliance Construction Group, one of the larger privately-owned construction companies in North America with an average annual construction volume of over $500 million over the past decade.
    • John Bockstael, President & CEO of Bockstael Construction, a 4th generation family business which is synonymous with construction in Manitoba for over 100 years. He is also our beloved past Chair of the CCA.

    So save your spot to get some great insights from these incredible leaders > >



    ECAO Welcomes New Members and Affiliate Partners

    ECAO welcomes new members

    ECA Contractor
    ECANO ECS Integrated
    Ramco EMI Construction
    Superior Industrial Services (SIS)
    GTECA C.M.S. Electrical Group Ltd
    Ontario Code Electric
    Ambient mechanical Ltd
    SMK Electric
    Ottawa CQS
    GTECA Mass Electric Construction Canada
    Signature Electric
    Ottawa DB Electric
    Central Ontario Mendler Electric

    & New Affiliate Partners

    Aray Led Inc. Procore
    CircuitIQ Inc. RS Breakers and Controls
    Kennaley Construction Law Telus
    Mathews Dinsdale & Clark LLP


    Member Benefits

    ECAO has secured an individual traveler corporate rate for their members, we encourage our members to utilize the special rates. Please check the rates below:

    • Sheraton Toronto Airport, 801 Dixon Road, Toronto, M9W 1J5. Phone: (416) 675-6100

      How to book: Send an e-mail to or call 1-866-932-7058

      The daily rates below are including complimentary high-speed internet access and local and toll-free phone calls.
    Traditional Room Club Room
    $202.00 + taxes $262.00 + taxes
    • Westin Toronto Airport, 950 Dixon Road, Toronto, M9W 5N4. Phone: (416) 675-9444

      How to book: Use this link: Book your corporate rate for Westin Toronto Airport Special Business Rate

      The daily rates below are including complimentary high-speed internet access, and shuttle to/from Pearson Airport; also includes a 24 hours cancellation policy, prior the date of arrival.

    • Sandman Signature Toronto Airport, 55 Reading Court, Toronto, M9W 7K7. Phone: (416) 798-8840

      How to book: call Reservations at 1800-SANDMAN

      The daily rates below are including complimentary 24- hour airport shuttle service and complimentary overnight parking.

    Signature Two Queens Signature Corporate King Suite
    $109.00 + taxes $109.00 + taxes

    This allows savings for bookings of up to 9 rooms without the need for group codes or other administrative nuisances. Bookings can be made by contacting the chosen hotel directly and requesting ECAO corporate rate. Any questions can be directed to Audrey Iozelli, Office Administrator -

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