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President`s Message

I recently attended a workshop on mentally healthy workplaces put on by TruckingHR and capably facilitated by Gary Hunt and Linda Corkum of CAM member Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association. Did you know that 47% of workplace disability claims are related to mental illness? I sure didn’t.

I’ll have more about the highlights from the workshop below, but wanted to mention how important it is to understand where you are in the Mental Health Continuum Model. Created by the Canadian Armed Forces for military personnel coming back from service, the MHCM is a fantastic tool to provide you with an honest reflection on where your stress level or mental health lies.

Stress can be debilitating and there is no doubt that it not only affects you, but everyone you come in contact with.

As Marian and I work so closely together, we’ve become very good at sensing a change in each other’s stress level. When that happens, we stop what we’re doing and do a check-in. Sometimes, it’s personal and sometimes it’s work-related. Sometimes it goes on for days, and sometimes it’s easy to get through and carry on. But talking about it honestly and openly helps us both to recouperate and work better.

My stress, like many of you, is to manage a balance between work and anything-but-work. That is never easy. Add in the day-to-day unknowingness of my daughter’s current life in China and I have more on my mind than I would prefer. I do a lot of planning and writing and that is always easier to do at night or on the weekend while there are no distractions. It means working much longer than I should and throwing that balance way off kilter. That feeds through to daytime work and I vowed this year to not work so much and gain that much-desired balance. I’m proud to say that I’ve actually had three entire weekends this year where I haven’t worked at all. I feel renewed and raring to go when I came back to work on Monday.

I’m really interested in what I learned a few weeks ago. We are hoping to bring this important topic to our conference in November as mental health is just as important as physical health. I hope you take a few moments to read below and check out our partner’s resources. Don’t let your coworkers suffer alone.

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Mental Health Continuum Model

... What colour are you right now?

Too often mental well-being gets less attention than it should. Mental well-being begins with a strong relationship with yourself. A healthy and happy person always feels safe to be around himself. Acknowledging the presence of any tension, worries, or overwhelming emotions can go a long way in developing a deeper and more meaningful connection to yourself.

The mental health continuum model (MHCM) is a handy reference chart that can gauge where someone ‘is’ in terms of mental health. On good days, you’ll find yourself in the green. During the day, something may happen to slide you towards the yellow. An ongoing issue may have you riding the rails in orange, and in extreme cases, you might be red.

Regardless of what colour you may be at, the MHCM helps in recognizing specific behavioural patterns that may need attention and suggests ways of dealing with each phase of the continuum.


It’s important to understand that you and your coworkers can travel through any level of the continuum (and back) throughout the day. Our line of work is not steady and calm; so it’s understandable to be green in the morning and by noon to be sliding into yellow or orange because something in the move has gone off the rails. However, if anyone is in prolonged orange and red – they need help and your workplace should take time to recognize and support them to better well-being. We have the potential to drive ourselves from the negative to the not-so negative, and finally to the positive end of the continuum.


There are lots of resources available to employees and employers who would like to learn more about recognizing and reacting to mental health and the stigma related to it. Please contact Nancy Irvine if you’d like to be connected with any of our partners, or you can look for general information through the Mental Health Commission of Canada or the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Want to improve your mental health? Here are some tips and information for mental health fitness.

2020 Get Up There (GUT) Challenge for Colorectal Cancer

…Please support Leonard Hoyt's GUT Challenge

“Every day one Nova Scotian dies from a disease that is 90% preventable. That disease is colorectal cancer. The same disease that took my Dad and youngest brother John.

On Friday, March 6, I will join hundreds of participants at Ski Wentworth for a day of fun, exercise, team building and hope as we Get Up There (GUT) for Colorectal Cancer and make a difference in the lives of Nova Scotians. Funds raised at this year’s event will help to fund the purchase of specialized equipment and technology needed to outfit a third endoscopy suite at the Dartmouth General Hospital. The addition of a third suite will mean a significant reduction in colonoscopy wait times and increased capacity for cancer screening, which is critical in the fight for early diagnosis and treatment.

Together, in our 12th year, GUT participants will not only climb mountains but we will move them and make an impact on the lives of Nova Scotians faced with colorectal cancer. I hope you’ll join us in our mission to fight this silent killer by joining a team or supporting the cause. Every little bit helps to make a positive impact on the lives of Nova Scotians.”

Weathersby Guild Vancouver

camengmar320204.jpg…CAM Member since October 2019

As a 19 year old, Jan Krbavek left his native home in Slovakia and came to America. He honed his craft through his construction business and spent 13 years in house renovation before moving to Canada. Fourteen years later, Jan still renovates, but for the past 15 months has been providing furniture repair and restoration services to moving companies including Armstrong International, Unirisc, Graebel, SIRVA, UniGroup, Mayflower, United Van Lines, WK Webster, and PAC Global, to name a few.

"We are dedicated to serving claim adjusters with timely response, detailed assessments and reliable background information so they can close claims quickly and accurately," says Krbavek. "We provide easy Web-based reporting with digital photography, furniture repair and restoration services. We also provide advisory services and referrals to the third parties. "

Jan serves Metropolitan Vancouver including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Coquitlam, British Columbia. You can email Jan here or phone him at 604-474-3882.


Feature Spotlight

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Premiere Van Lines

The Canadian moving industry generates over $2 Billion each year. As part of the Premiere Van Lines franchise and Atlas Van Lines agent, your business can grow from a local or regional mover to become part of a national network. Take advantage of our advertising programs that drive business to your door. We provide all the training and tools you will need to be successful in this industry.

Learn More

NFP integrates Brokerages across Canadian Market as ‘NFP’

cammar320205.jpgOn February 25th, 2020, NFP Canada Corp. (NFP), a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides employee benefits, property and casualty, retirement and individual solutions through its various licensed Canadian insurance brokerages, announced that several of its Canadian insurance brokerages, including CAM member McLean Hallmark Insurance Group Ltd., are adopting the NFP business name in each of the provinces and territories of Canada where permitted by law.  “We are thrilled to come together under the NFP brand and unify our operations in Canada,” said Greg Padovani, president of NFP in Canada.

Victory Packaging’s new home


Victory Packaging’s Steve Stockill invited CAM President Nancy Irvine for a tour of his new warehouse and office on Kennedy Road.  Steve says to come visit!

7 Skills managers will need in 2025


We all know that the work landscape is changing. The jobs that will be in demand are shifting as more are automated by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots. Teams are becoming more disparate and globalization has added new collaboration challenges. At the same time, more millennials are taking on management roles, and even our work spaces will undergo changes between now and 2025.

The moving industry will be affected despite the continued need for people power. But everything around us will be changing and we will be living in a world that will need to be adaptable to the continually evolving world it will be.

Have a peek at these skills and see how well you and your workplace will be able to adapt.

CAM’s “Sign up & win” – last chance

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With the growth and relevance of our newsletter, this would be a great time to get more co-workers familiar with this quick read. And for that, we will reward you!

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Thanks to all those CAM members who have signed up. We hope you are enjoying The Mover’s Edge. And a big shout out to SIRVA who signed up 34 staff to receive the newsletter!


CAM: Now You Know!


Dartford, UK’s Matthew James Removals, sent the UK’s first hybrid truck on its maiden move in Central London the week of February 17th.

The Scania Hybrid, that the company claim is the only hybrid truck in the UK removals industry, has a rear steer option with a 26-ft. 4-container body, meaning it has the ability to navigate into difficult access. With “two up – two down” accommodation, the entire crew can stay in the truck reducing travel time, costs and further reducing the company’s carbon footprint and traffic congestion.


Mobile phone scam


If you've never heard of a mobile phone 'port-out' scam, it's probably because it hasn't been talked about much. But if you become the victim of one, it could wind up costing you lots of money — not to mention your privacy. A 'port-out' scam, or SIM hijacking, is where a fraud artist uses your stolen cellphone account information to transfer — or 'port' — your number and account to another carrier and, ultimately, seize control of your phone. Once the fraudsters do that, they can either shut the phone down, or use it to engage in additional criminal activity. And since our cellphones are often the keys to unlock pretty much everything else about our lives, there's plenty that a criminal can do with that information.

Prevention starts with our online behaviours. We overshare so much, and we don't realize that we're oversharing, thus making life very easy for hackers to just pick up that information. If we simply didn't share so much online, much of this could be prevented.

Aside from using security features like two-factor or multi-factor authentication to sign into your phones, make sure you lock down your social media accounts as well. Call your carrier and find out your options.

Product Spotlight



Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd.

Snowbirds Auto Connection is a family-owned and operated vehicle transport company providing reliable, door-to-door, damage-free transportation across Canada and the U.S. SAC offers a variety of services including coast-to-coast transportation, cross-border relocation and vehicle storage.

Learn More


Your ad could be here! Click above for more information about this exciting opportunity.

Learn More

Save the Dates

You don’t want to miss these great CAM events.


We’re gearing up for the 25th Annual CAM Conference. We’re in the process of securing our speakers and will have information for you in the next month or so. For now, why don’t you circle your calendar so you’ve got the date marked? #CAM2020Conference

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