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Reducing cleaning supply costs
Astute managers have learned that reducing the number of custodial staff can result in a host of new problems, such as unhealthy buildings. Rather than cut back on workers, saving money on cleaning supplies is another option.
Educational tool targets musculoskeletal disorders
A new online tool helps workers, managers and supervisors better understand the impact that common physical and psychosocial demands in the workplace can have on musculoskeletal disorders.
Five tips for evaluating de-icing products
There are various products on the market for managing the season’s worst, which can make choosing a de-icing material a difficult task. 
FirstOnSite - 2017 in Review
It’s been a milestone year for FirstOnSite Restoration. From revitalizing essential services and businesses during the BC Wildfires to bringing order following the chaotic Windsor windstorms, the team has responded coast-to-coast helping commercial and residential clients recover from the unexpected.
New estimates show seasonal influenza deaths rising
Up to 650,000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza.
Edmonton litter audit reveals cleaner city
Miscellaneous plastic and cigarette butts continue to account for the majority of both large and small litter found. 

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Inside the redevelopment of Women's College Hospital
The redevelopment of Women's College Hospital helped support its mandate as Ontario’s first outpatient-only, women-focused hospital.
Five critical elements of floor care
Products designed to prevent accidents and keep people safe during winter weather can also have some serious drawbacks.
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services.jpg A look at Humber College's facility management department
Humber College’s Spencer Wood leads the facilities management department in a quest to provide conscientious maintenance service and reduce the school’s carbon footprint .
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ICYMI: Benefits and limits of UV Disinfection systems
Infectious microorganisms can survive on surfaces for weeks, months and even years if not removed. In the healthcare industry, for example, studies show that on average 50 per cent of surfaces remain contaminated, even as environmental services staff complete standard traditional cleaning. Read More »

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