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CAM News & Updates

Happy New Year from CAM!


CAM's Board of Directors and staff wish you a prosperous 2020!

President's Message


Happy New Year to you all!

There are all sorts of memes out there about this year and relating it to 20/20 vision, perfect clarity, etc.

Well, now that my new glasses (computer ones at that!) have come in, I’m not suffering from the blinding headaches I had during our conference that made it so difficult for me to read and see.  Now I can see clearly and realize how critical visual clarity is.

In the year 2020, you are going to see things at CAM are a little clearer.  In April, we will be launching our new look website.  Utilizing the latest design trends, our website will be taken out of the late 90s (functionally and visually) and feature much more manageable consumer and member sections.  You will actually be able to find things without having to call the office!

At our conference, we also had roundtable discussions about things CAM could consider for future development.  From those results, you will see that CAM is interested in expanding our abilities and are looking forward to seeing where your thoughts take us.  OK, enough with the vision references!

I sincerely hope you have a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2020.  As always, we are here to assist, so feel free to reach out.

And don’t forget the Sign Up & Win contest!


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Conference survey

cam2jan32020.jpgIn case you missed it, we need your help.  Whether you were at our conference in Blue Mountain in November or not, we would love to hear about your thoughts on CAM’s annual conference.  This is a quick, confidential survey, so please take a few moments to answer a few questions.  Your responses will go a long way to help us shape our 25th anniversary conference next November in Edmonton.  Here’s the link.

CAM Year in Review : Marketing

The Marketing Committee met twice by conference call during the past year and had many successes.

Social Media Presence! CAM is actively making regular posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. We had a 48% increase in followers for Facebook and an almost doubling of followers for Instagram. Our largest social outlet, LinkedIn, is very close to cresting 700 followers.

Over 51,000 unique visits were made to our website, a nearly 30% increase over last year (October 1 to September 30) and a nearly 40% increase from the start of the social media overhaul. We are now averaging 4,300 visits monthly, with an all-time high of 8,409 visits in September 2019. We believe that the “contact to find a trusted and reliable mover” is working!

Continued success with the “May is Moving Month” collaboration with the BBB has resulted in a lot of media and social media coverage for CAM. For this year’s campaign, the BBB created twelve branded social media posts that proved to be very popular. CAM has continued to use them throughout the year to promote the #MakeSafeMoves and #MovesYouCanTrust hashtags. Our joint press release was pulled out and used by mainstream media throughout the summer.

The consistent messaging, “contact CAM to find a trusted, reliable mover”, seems to be resonating with the public, as CAM is handling an average of 175 Member Referrals & Enquiries per month, obviously peaking during May to August and less in December and January.

If you haven’t already done so (and why not?) please like and follow our social media sites. You’ll find us at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Don’t forget to tag us at #CanadianAssociationofMovers or #TrustedandReliableMovers so we can keep the conversation going!

And while you’re at it … feel like leaving a review about us? We’d certainly love you to give us 5 stars!

CAM Year in Review : Membership

The committee met seven times during 2019 to review all membership applications and expired memberships, as well as review membership issues that arose over the year. 

During the Spring months, the national office targeted lapsed members, going back the past eight years, to consider rejoining CAM. A few of the roughly 20 moving companies that were reached out to rejoined.

Our membership numbers are holding steady at around 400. Our mover members held steady at around 294, while our supplier members increased to 38, with continued interest from companies south of the border. The international side has seen a decrease as some of the international divisions of mover member companies have chosen not to renew.

As the make-up of moving companies continues to morph into new models that are not traditional moving companies by CAM’s member definitions, the committee has decided that a review all membership categories (including the multiple member structure), as well as current policies and procedures regarding applications, should be undertaken.

A proposal to change some membership fees was approved by the Board of Directors at their October 2019 meeting. Effective January 1, 2020, the mover membership fee increased to $525 from $500 p.a. while the International, Supplier and Van Line membership fees remain at their current rates. The Affiliate membership fee decreased from $500 to $250 to make it more affordable for localized, consumer-based suppliers.

The new 3-Year Business Plan was also approved in October 2019 and the membership goals will be reviewed with strategies of how to achieve the membership increase goals during 2020.

Moving forward, the committee plans to concentrate on both retaining current members and looking at ways to solicit new members to join the Association. Education, networking opportunities, and work with local, provincial and federal governments will continue to make CAM an attractive organization to be a part of and to support. The committee will also work with the other CAM committees to help raise CAM’s profile and ensure that the benefits of membership continue to distinguish CAM as an organization Canadian movers want to be a part of.

Overview of CAM Membership here.

   Feature Spotlight


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Premiere Van Lines

The Canadian moving industry generates over $2 Billion each year. As part of the Premiere Van Lines franchise and Atlas Van Lines agent, your business can grow from a local or regional mover to become part of a national network. Take advantage of our advertising programs that drive business to your door. We provide all the training and tools you will need to be successful in this industry.

Learn More

Free IAM Podcast – Are You Concerned About Consolidation in the Moving Industry?

cam3jan32020.pngThese days, there seem to be more and more cases of one company buying another, or two companies choosing to merge in order to remain competitive. We see it often in CAM.

Mergers, acquisitions, and general consolidation happens in every business. While commonplace, these types of transactions leave industry service providers wondering how it will influence their business, whether it will impact their client base, and how they need to adapt in order to thrive in a new business environment.

Listen to the podcast IAM just recorded with industry experts, Ray daSilva of Mobility Exchange LLC, Mark Oakeshott of Mark Oakeshott Consulting LLC, and IAM President, Chuck White, where they discuss the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions and get their take on how to position yourself and your company in this changing industry landscape.

All three of these gentlemen are extremely knowledgeable about the industry and we encourage you to listen. It’s 47 minutes, so grab a coffee and a comfy chair!

Click here for Podcast link.

CERC webinars

In CERC’s two-part series (January 7th and January 14th), you will learn about how Canada’s top employers across all major industries are designing their relocation policies to effectively manage programs and contain costs. CERC’s survey results are the best resource to help your organization stay on top of new trends.

Register here.

Product Spotlight
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Victory Packaging

We can help you with our Moving & Storage supplies to keep your customers happy and your business moving forward. Contact me to find out what’s new and innovative in our industry.

Learn More


Your ad could be here! Click above for more information about this exciting opportunity.

Learn More

Mark your calendar

cameng8nov262019.pngIt's about eleven months until we meet again for the 25th Annual CAM Conference in Edmonton, Alberta.  Make sure you mark your calendar now – November 15-17, 2020, so you don’t miss out!  


CAM Golf 2020
will be taking place Monday, September 14th at the Carlisle Golf Club.  Tee-off is at 12:30 pm.  Circle the date!  More info will be coming out in the spring when there’s no snow on the ground! | | Media Kit
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