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Restoring power to electrical systems post flood
Occupational electrical-related fatalities and injuries are a significant and ongoing problem, and the risk of shock is heightened when water comes into contact with electricity. As vulnerable communities across Canada continue to experience bouts of flooding, facility owners and operators are being urged to understand the proper steps to restore power after a flood, and legal requirements when hiring contractors to do electrical work.
New enzyme technique may destroy biofilms
Scientists from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre and SickKids have developed a new enzyme technique aimed at destroying biofilms, which form when bacteria adheres to surfaces and produces a slimy substance that helps it stick to material. 
Rainwater harvesting bus washing system earns acclaim
A rainwater harvesting bus wash system that reduces the use of cleaning products and conserves drinking water in Guelph, Ontario, has earned a national award for water advocacy.
7 Tips for Painlessly Repaving Your Parking Lot
Having your parking lot constructed and properly maintained by a professional construction company will increase the life expectancy of your pavement, considerably reducing your costs in the long run.
FM complaints could inform employee wellbeing
Research on organizational productivity could make better use of valuable information archived in the facilities management department, a new report from the Continental Automated Buildings Association and the National Research Council concludes.
Input needed for food, organic waste framework 
Ontario is asking for feedback on a proposed Food and Organic Waste Action Plan, which may include banning food waste from disposal.

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Sleep deprivation in the workplace
Employers often ignore a serious issue in the workplace — sleep-deprived employees.
Beating the heat in commercial buildings
During the hot and humid summer months, greater energy consumption is required to cool the outside air coming into a facility, resulting in higher costs.
loop_maintenance_banner.gif Cleaning tips for baby changing stations 
Not many germ and bacteria studies have been conducted on baby-changing stations; however, the little research that does exist shows bacteria and germs can be found on these products in varying amounts. The following is a changing-station maintenance plan that should work in most facilities.
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ICYMI: Building services seen as precarious employment
Cleaners, security guards, parking attendants and building-specific food service workers could attain union certification through a streamlined one-step process if proposed amendments to Ontario’s Labour Relations Act are adopted. Read More »

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