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CAM News & Updates
President's Message

nancypresident-engjun.pngThanks for the feedback!

I am writing this on a glorious, but smoky day from my hotel room in Edmonton where I have just concluded extensive meetings with the conference hotel.  While here, I am also doing site visits at several locations around Canada’s Festival City to scout out our social sites.

Planning our conference is not done haphazardly. A great deal of planning, often two to three years in advance, goes into providing our members with the best experience we can possibly give. The right speakers at the right time to provide important information and thought-provoking discussion is paramount. As our collaborative network of moving associations and partners expands, so does access to expertise that we may have not been aware of in previous years. 

But equally important is the experience. Sure, we could all stand around in the hotel bar and chat with each other for two nights in a row, but why not experience some of the locations we are at? Remember the underground “Speak Easy” in Montreal (my favourite!), the Niagara Brewing Company and the Hard Rock Club in Niagara Falls, and the fabulous village at Blue Mountain?

Deciding to go ahead—or not go ahead—with the conference is a challenging decision. Well, it isn’t really … the health and safety of our members and participants is first and foremost. But there are other aspects that have to be weighed and measured, not dissimilar to what you do every day of your life. You want the right fit to maximize the benefit for your truck’s run. We want the right fit to maximize many aspects for you. 

One of the most helpful tools we had going into this Edmonton site visit was strong feedback from our membership—suppliers and movers alike. When we ask you to partake in a survey, we are truly interested in your feedback. We don’t just gloss over the responses. Surveys are designed with a purpose, and believe me, are scrutinized by Marian and me with a lot of discussion about each and every question we ask. Because of your feedback, I was able to compile a bunch of extra questions to grill the hotel with as we walked around the event space.

There’s never a wrong answer when you respond to the survey. Sometimes you are confirming what we already were thinking. CAM couldn’t move forward without considering everyone’s opinion. We aren’t always going to agree on everything, but we will always take into consideration everyone’s thoughts before a decision is made.

And that decision? The hotel is giving us a very generous opportunity to back out of the conference this year with no penalty 30 days out (it’s usually 180 days).  

That would have never happened pre-COVID.  

CAM’s Executive spoke on August 4th and discussed all aspects of having or not having a conference this year based on the information that was available at that time.

Together we have decided that CAM is currently at no risk with the hotel contract and should continue planning the Edmonton conference for November.  While we continue to monitor and heed medical advice, no one can predict the future with certainty.  Therefore, we will assess the situation a month from now and will run another member survey on September 8th - 9th to gauge your willingness to attend the conference.

A final decision on whether the conference goes ahead or not will take place at CAM’s board meeting on September 24th

How to Ask for Reviews & Feedback

cameng-aug102021-2.jpgTo say that customer reviews are powerful is an understatement.

A few sentences in a review can have more influence on consumers than an entire website. A difference of one star—or even a half-star—can be all it takes for a shopper to choose a competitor over you.

But in order to get those sentences or that extra star, you need to ask your customers for reviews. Asking for reviews can feel awkward or self-serving, but the truth is that people generally love to share their opinions; they just don’t know the opportunity is there.

Read more (and get examples) here.



NFP $5,000 Giveaway

cameng-aug102021-supplierspotlight-nfp-3a.jpgCall for a quote on a car or home insurance from NFP and you could win $5,000.



Planning to Golf in September?

CAM Golf Day – September 13, 2021

There are only a few days left to get in on CAM supplier Advantage Box’s “Tee Box Advantage” Contest! One lucky name will be drawn from those registered mover members next Monday and will have their round paid for by Advantage Box. 

Join us at the beautiful Carlisle Golf Club for our 25th annual golf day. Lunch and post-game meals and beverages, cart, swag bag, and the reprise of last year’s popular Snowbird’s Auto Connection’s hole-in-one game are included. 

And great news, there are no restrictions on the number of golfers we can have and registration has already been brisk! Register here and check out our foursome rate! — and save $50!


And we can’t do this without support. A big thank you to our sponsors. Would you like to get in on the sponsoring and prizing fun? Contact

cameng-sponsored flyer banner-aug102021.jpg

CAM Conference – November 14 – 16, 2021

As you have read in Nancy’s message above, a decision as to whether or not the conference goes ahead will be made on September 24th by CAM’s Board of Directors.  An email announcing their decision will be sent to each CAM member that Friday.

CAM awards will go ahead this year regardless of whether or not we have a conference.  Look for details on this in the next Mover’s Edge issue on August 24th.

cameng-july272021-7.jpgBut while we wait …

The winners of the Tim Horton’s $50 gift cards are:

  • John Paterson, Hinton the Mover
  • Brett Ford, Stallion Movers Inc.
  • Scott Kelly, Walker’s/Capital Group of Companies Limited

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback to help us with the decision about the conference!



Government extends COVID-19 benefits and business supports 

July 30, 2021 - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, and the Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, announced the extension of crucial COVID-19 support measures for Canadians and Canadian businesses in recognition that uneven economic reopening across regions and sectors means workers and businesses continue to need support. These extensions include:

  • Extending the eligibility period for the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy and Lockdown Support until October 23, 2021, and increasing the rate of support employers and organizations can receive during the period between August 29 and September 25, 2021.
  • Extending the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB), the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB), and the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) until October 23, 2021.
  • Increasing the maximum number of weeks available for the CRB, by an additional 4 weeks, to a total of 54 weeks, at a rate of $300 per week, and ensuring it is available to those who have exhausted their employment insurance (EI) benefits.




Hutch Connect is Canada’s first certified ELD

Transport Canada has certified the first electronic logging device (ELD) to meet a related mandate for federally regulated carriers.  The Hutch Connect ELD passed the third-party certification tests conducted by FPInnovations – one of three certification bodies that can determine whether individual ELDs meet underlying technical standards.

While suppliers self-certify their devices in the U.S., the equipment must be certified by one of the named third-party labs in Canada. All certified devices will be listed on a web page managed by Transport Canada.

The third-party certification process was designed to help ensure Hours of Service data is not prone to tampering. Commercial Driver Technology and CSA Group are the other certifying bodies.




Prices for Moves on the Rise in the UK

UK’s The Guardian newspaper reports that moving prices have risen by up to 25% as some movers cover wage increases to attract staff amid post-Brexit driver shortage. Several operators of moving companies confirmed that they had been forced to increase wages to compete for qualified workers and put up prices for customers by 10% to 25%.




US company sues ‘collusive’ ocean carriers, alleging price manipulation

August 1, 2021 – A U.S. manufacturer is accusing two of the world’s largest ocean carriers of reneging on its container service contract for imports from Asia so that the carriers can instead charge other shippers exorbitant transportation rates on the spot market.  In a complaint filed on Wednesday with the Federal Maritime Commission, Easton, Pennsylvania-based MCS Industries, a maker of household furnishings, also accuses China’s COSCO Shipping Lines, Switzerland’s MSC Mediterranean Shipping and their competitors in the Asia-U.S. trans-Pacific trade of violating the U.S. Shipping Act since the beginning of the pandemic while increasing profits at the expense of their customers.


American port congestion worsens

July 30, 2021 – Summer is proving to be fearsomely hot for dockworkers on every coast of America, working record volumes of boxes with ships forming long queues at many gateways as peak season arrives on what has already been a peak year. A Fitch Ratings report suggests port congestion will persist through the remainder of this year and possibly into 2022.




Powered by Whisky

camengaug102021-checkthisout-1.pngWith interest growing in the moving industry in electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, the parent company of whisky distiller Glenfiddich has developed a unique technology to run its transport fleet on green biogas made from the residue of its own distilling process.

Reuters report that William Grant & Sons has taken more than 10 years to develop the ultra-low carbon fuel from the production waste at the Glenfiddich distillery. Fueling stations have been installed at the distillery and the biogas is now powering specially converted trucks that handle the transportation of Glenfiddich whisky. Cheers!



Some truck stuff to consider

Brake Safety Week turns focus to hoses and tubing

Commercial vehicle inspectors will apply a special focus to brake hoses and tubing during Brake Safety Week, scheduled for Aug. 22-28.

Brake-related violations continue to dominate out-of-service issues with commercial equipment. During last year’s Brake Safety Week, 12% of the 43,565 inspected vehicles were placed out of service for brake issues.


Trucks must cut 18% emissions to meet Ottawa target: report

Achieving Ottawa’s emissions targets would require a roughly 18% reduction in the average emission intensity of freight trucks by 2030, says a new report from the C.D.

Howe Institute.  Such a reduction will require either improvement in vehicle efficiency, electrification or adaptation of hydrogen fuel cell technology for freight transport, as well as biofuel blending.


Product Spotlight



Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd.

Snowbirds Auto Connection is a family-owned and operated vehicle transport company providing reliable, door-to-door, damage-free transportation across Canada and the U.S. SAC offers a variety of services including coast-to-coast transportation, cross-border relocation and vehicle storage.

Learn More



Moving industry experiencing setback this government posting season

July 21, 2021 - The Canadian Military Family magazine reports that “the moving industry across North America is experiencing a reduced capacity in drivers and labour, affecting companies’ ability to meet contractual obligations this year.”  This means that moves during the active posting season could be affected and take much longer than expected.  While not interviewed directly, CAM was referenced in the article.


Another judgement against Move Me Again

camjuly272021-3a.jpgJuly 18, 2021 - Toronto lawyer Rocco Scocco has recorded another successful judgement against Move Me Again, a company well known for hundreds of complaints about unethical moving practices. 

The recent Superior Court of Justice ruling is detailed here.

And we can’t wait to hear from Rocco at our conference about his successes.

Commercial Mover Directory now available on

July 16, 2021 - The Commercial Mover section of our website is now online!  As you may remember, with several municipalities’ contracts specifying that relocation services must be done by a CAM member, we have been happily onboarding moving companies that specialize only in commercial moves. 

There are a couple of benefits to identifying commercial members in our directory – a consumer doing their own mover search (which is happening more and more) will not be wasting everyone’s time by contacting a corporate mover when they are looking for two guys to move a few things across town.  More importantly, office staff who have been tasked with finding a mover will have an easier time locating these specialized companies as they’ll be identified as a commercial mover in the directory, in a similar fashion to our international members.

Contact us if you’d like more information. 


Non-Member complaints up 562% over last year

camjuly272021-3c.pngJuly 12, 2021 - There’s no question that moving fraud in on the rise and has been at an alarming rate in Canada for the past two years.  Since June 2020, CAM has received 188 complaints about non-members, with almost a third relating to just one rogue mover alone (including their many identities).

In May and June 2021 alone, CAM received 53 non-member complaints – a whopping 562% increase over the same time last year.  While a few of these are not related to our ‘regular’ bad actors, most are and have provided one heartbreaking story after another.

To try and combat this and get critical information into the hands of consumers BEFORE they’ve chosen their mover, the CAM Scam Team of lawyer Rocco Scocco, the Scam Moving Companies Victims Support Group, ProBono Ontario, and the BBBs of Atlantic Canada and Southwestern Ontario collaborated on a special project to provide information to a couple of provincial real estate bureaus/commissions to distribute to their realtors.  We came up with a joint bulletin you can see below. 

Contact CAM to get the jpg version of this, or click here for the pdf.  Share, Share SHARE!  Send it to your real estate contacts and home stagers, as well as your relocation manager liaisons; post it on your social media pages; give it to your contacts in law enforcement.  There is an infinite amount of opportunities to share this important information.  The more word gets out beforehand, the more chance we can save consumers from these despicable vultures.

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