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Cleaning for health in the year 2020

Cleaning for health: This is the motto that the American Cleaning Institute has pounded out for several decades, practically since its foundation in 1926. This same message is also relayed by the ISSA and its GBAC division, which constantly reminds us of the importance of forensic cleaning (diligent and thorough cleaning followed by disinfection) to guarantee safe environments for any establishment’s occupants.


»How facility managers can secure a new standard of hygiene
»How will campuses change because of COVID-19?
»Ontario allocates roughly $1 billion for COVID-19 resilience projects
A place to call home: Help shape more resilient cities

Canadians are demanding productive, private, and personalized spaces to live, work, and play. The health and economic implications brought on by COVID-19 have exacerbated our housing challenges. But the crisis has also forced us outside our comfort zones to find new and unexpected solutions.» READ MORE

»CFCRA partners with ISSA & GBAC to help companies achieve cleaning accreditation
»School washrooms are receiving failing grades from students
»Ontario budget prioritizes educational spaces
Cleaning vs. Disinfecting: Seeing the “bigger picture”

Cleaning and disinfecting have become critical priorities for building and facility stakeholders. And, with little room for error, the pressure is on cleaning professionals to ensure environments not only appear clean but uphold the highest standards of hygiene. » READ MORE

Don’t Forget the Soap

The 2020 pandemic has turned a focus on hand hygiene – and for a good reason. Yet while using hand sanitizer is important for preventing the spread of SARS-COV-2, the virus which can cause COVID-19, it’s critical to keep regular handwashing with soap in the mix.» READ MORE

ASHRAE unveils energy performance role model

ASHRAE’s new global headquarters is a 20th century building remade to deliver high-level 21st century energy performance. The 110-member staff has spent the past month settling into the newly renovated and retrofitted 42-year-old office building, intended to physically embody the global society’s mandate to advance human well-being through sustainable technology in the built environment. » READ MORE

COVID-19 is bringing common sense back to cleaning

Put simply, proper facility cleaning is vital. We’re often advised on the importance of keeping our own homes clean, and when talking about public settings with multiple residents or visitors or an abundance of foot traffic, that importance is multiplied. » READ MORE


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