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How to maintain commercial carpets during winter
With proper maintenance and care, commercial carpets can withstand a harsh winter and overcome the slush and snow that is currently finding its way into facilities across Canada. However, some industry experts in the building services sector notice that not all facilities properly maintain matting, even after spending thousands of dollars on the product. Here are some factors to consider when thinking about cleaning and maintenance issues inherent to winter matting and carpeting in general. 
3M Canada now ISO 50001 Enterprise Level Certified 
3M Canada has become the first organization in Canada to receive ISO 50001 Enterprise Level Certification. 
Improving hand hygiene in health care facilities
Strategic placement of soap and sanitizer dispensers shown to increase use. 
7 Tips for Painlessly Repaving Your Parking Lot
Having your parking lot constructed and properly maintained by a professional construction company will increase the life expectancy of your pavement, considerably reducing your costs in the long run. Maintenance can vary between small amounts of surface work to large, time-consuming lot overhauls. 
Implementing new products into hotel green programs
How new online technologies and products can be better adopted within a hotel’s green program. 
Tragedy accentuates fire safety in buildings
Following the recent tragic fire in Oakland, California, in which 36 people died in a warehouse that had been improperly turned into residential and event space, fire safety and legal experts are reflecting on the confluence of deliberate and inadvertent omissions that underlie most calamities. 

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Four reasons LED lamps fail prematurely 
LEDs make big claims about savings potential (up to 90-per-cent energy savings compared to other lamps, such as fluorescents, HIDs, etc.). But how much of this is marketing hype?  
Report finds smart surface technologies could save billions
A new report, Achieving Urban Resilience: Washington D.C., documents how smart surface strategies, such as cool roofs, green roofs, solar PV and porous pavements, could save D.C. $5 bilion and enchance livability. 
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services (002).jpg Impact Cleaning Services: Blueprint for Success
With the goal of one day becoming carbon neutral, Impact Cleaning Services has rolled out a number of initiatives that illustrate it doesn’t just ‘talk the talk.’ The 62-year-old company now maintains an on-premises laundry facility, which allows for more control over the laundering process and, resultantly, a reduction in the amount of water and cleaning agents used and appoints supervisors that live close to the buildings it serves to conduct cleaning inspections in order to curtail harmful carbon emissions.
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Addressing Legionella risk in buildings
Preventative management programs and updated standards keep tabs on building water systems at risk, such as cooling towers, hot water tanks, faucet aerators, shower heads, hot tubs and decorative fountains, which all produce fine water droplets that can harbour Legionella bacteria growth.
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