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Facilities slack in averting bird collisions
Preventing birds from colliding into buildings may not be a priority in the day-to-day maintenance of most commercial properties, but municipal bird-friendly standards are only going to get tougher. Meanwhile, cities like Toronto and Markham have already incorporated such standards, while others are working towards the same goal. Facility managers and staff should be on board for good reason. Preventative measures increase a building’s reputation and tenant relations, satisfy some green certification requirements, incorporate a more holistic view of sustainability and prevent liability. 
Facility managers quarterback retail transformation
Facilities managers in today’s retail sector have moved away from a traditional focus on operations and maintenance of physical space toward an expanded menu of strategic services for the shopping environment. Here are highlights of the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association's 2017 Trends Report.  
Sealed Air plans Diversey Care spinoff for 2017 
Sealed Air plans to spinoff its Diversey Care division and the food hygiene and cleaning business within its Food Care division (New Diversey) by the second half of 2017. 
CPVC Fire Sprinkler Retrofits can Save Buildings 
Fire sprinkler retrofits can minimize damage and save lives, particularly when upgrading older buildings that may have once been up to fire code, but are now outdated. It is easier than ever to meet newly updated safety codes and ordinances and provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution. 
Guard patrols get digital back-up
An expert explains how technology is changing the way guard patrols, which protect people and property, get done.
Smart tech developers track restroom satisfaction
To help facility managers monitor restroom satisfaction and detect potential customer loss, VisionState, a smart technology company, collected data on customer feedback by tracking cleaning and maintenance activities in public facilities. 

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Randall Linton wins PRSM Canadian Excellence Award
Randall Linton, president of ServiceNational Canada, was presented with the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association’s (PRSM) Canadian Excellence Award. 
Ontario searches for waste reduction champions
This year's Minister’s Award of Environmental Excellence focuses on outstanding efforts to recover and reuse waste resources. Examples could include the recovery of nutrients, repurposing end of life products for innovative uses, or creating a smartphone app to help people track and reduce how much waste they produce. 
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services (002).jpg Evaluating carpet-cleaning equipment
Factors that facility managers should evaluate when buying or renting carpet-cleaning equipment
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Small steps for eliminating ants
When thinking about the most dangerous and irritating pests, ants may not come to mind and are often brushed aside as a simple nuisance. However, these small, seemingly unthreatening insects are Canada’s biggest pest problem.
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