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Getting wasps to buzz off your facility
Wasps have a frightening reputation for their stinging ability and aggressive behaviour and are often seen in greater numbers towards the end of summer where they scavenge for food in outdoor areas like restaurants, shopping centre food courts, gardens and garbage areas. Yellow jacket wasps are highly common in Canada and prefer to build their homes near buildings because of the various nest-making materials.
Alberta students well placed to enjoy good IAQ
Canadian buildings account for nearly two-thirds of the Clean Air Awards that the U.S. based National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) has bestowed for 2017.
New safety standard tackles grease deposits
BRE Global has launched a new standard for ductwork cleaning and maintenance, aligned with Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) requirements for fire safety due diligence.
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CPVC Fire Sprinkler Retrofits can Save Buildings
Fire sprinkler retrofits can minimize damage and save lives, particularly when upgrading older buildings that may have once been up to fire code, but are now outdated. It is easier than ever to meet newly updated safety codes and ordinances and provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution.
Tork launches online guide for improved maintenance, cleaning
The Tork brand has launched Get Detailed, an online platform that offers guidance for how workforce safety and hygiene can complement new technology and improve efficiency.
Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants probed
Refrigerant leaks could be particularly problematic in reach-in or walk-in coolers since flammable concentrations could build in these confined spaces and disperse outward when the door is opened.

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Albion Library first branch with trans-friendly signage
The new Albion Library, opened earlier this summer, is the first of Toronto’s 102 branches to introduce gender-neutral washrooms. 
Ontario roofers tops up charitable efforts
The Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association (OIRCA) is sharing its members’ skills through a new charitable foundation.
loop_maintenance_banner.gif B.C.'s new storage rack regulation takes effect 2018
On January 1, 2018, a new Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulation will come into effect in B.C., governing the installation, inspection, use and maintenance of steel storage racks found in storage areas of retail operations and warehouses. New resource guides have been released to help employers understand the regulation.
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ICYMI: Better infection prevention needed in schools
Infection prevention and control, while taken seriously in healthcare settings, isn’t always a priority in educational facilities, where appearance sometimes takes precedence over cleaning and disinfecting high touch points. Read More »

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