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Energy efficient tactics that reduce maintenance costs
Despite the challenges of working with increasing economic restraints, little changes in maintenance and operations can significantly impact the efficiency of a facility. While such energy savings can result from capital planning and proactive maintenance, a large portion of savings can be maximized through occupant engagement, sustainable practices and ensuring components perform at optimum level. 
Hospital cleaning staff survey reveals disturbing patterns
Recent findings from a survey of 421 hospital housekeeping staff from more than 60 hospitals across Ontario point to growing concerns among environmental service workers that hospitals do not have enough cleaning staff to keep bedrails, mattresses, taps, door handles and chairs sterilized and bacteria free. 
Companies overrate ability to thwart cybersecurity risks
Cybersecurity breaches are a growing concern in the real estate industry, and a new survey indicates that overconfidence may be putting Canadian organizations at higher risk for cyberattacks. 
CPVC Fire Sprinkler Retrofits can Save Buildings
Fire sprinkler retrofits can minimize damage and save lives, particularly when upgrading older buildings that may have once been up to fire code, but are now outdated. It is easier than ever to meet newly updated safety codes and ordinances and provide a more reliable and cost-effective solution. 
IFMA launches collaborative Internet of Things portal
IFMA has formed a dedicated Internet of Things task force to uncover the best way for FM professionals to take advantage of the vast potential of billions of interconnected physical objects (things), all using data connectivity to understand and interact with the built and natural environments. 
ASHRAE publishes 2016 versions of refrigerant standards
The 2016 editions of ASHRAE’s major refrigerants-related standards have been published as a package with 30 new refrigerants and refrigerant blends added. 

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Workers' hands risk severe skin dryness in winter
Workers in cold and freezing environments are at high risk of experiencing severe skin dryness, which is a serious issue often overlooked and can result in more advanced, painful and costly problems such as dermatitis. 
Avmor appoints new team members in Canada 
Avmor, manufacturer and marketer of professional cleaning chemicals, has made several changes as the company expands their product marketing beyond Canada to all of North America.  
in_the_loop_banner_energy_sus.jpg Five points on VOCs in green cleaning products
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can negatively impact indoor air quality and cause a variety of respiratory, cognitive and health-related problems, especially in children. Here are five points to know about VOCs, specifically in green certified cleaning solutions.
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How to maintain commercial matting during winter
With proper maintenance and care, commercial carpets can withstand a harsh winter and overcome the slush and snow that is currently finding its way into facilities across Canada.
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