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Restaurant Branding During COVID-19: Connecting with your community

In Part II of our three-part look at restaurant branding during the pandemic, we assess how operators can build a deep and lasting connection with their target audience and community. Read the full story.




Retaining the divided attention of post-COVID QSR customers

Quick Service Restaurants face an uncertain future. Here’s how they can win in a digital market with customers at home. Full story

Ghost kitchens begin to arrive in Canadian big-box stores

The red-hot concept of the ghost kitchen has been spreading like wildfire during COVID-19. Now, it's conquering Walmart. Full story

Culinary Federation Spotlight
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Uniting Canadian chefs and cooks in dedication to excellence

At the Culinary Federation, no matter what hat you wear, we’re all part of the same brigade. Be part of the change and join the CF today!

Dining restrictions changing again in numerous provinces

10 days before Easter weekend begins, the situation is shifting again across Canada when it comes to restaurant dining. Full story

P.E.I. Dine-In & Save program offers half-price indoor dining
The initiative until March 31 will see the government reimburse restaurateurs up to $15 per person per indoor dining meal. Full story
Quebec government implements temporary 3rd-party delivery fee cap

Amid fierce debate, the province has adopted the legislation with indoor dining closed, to follow moves by Ontario and B.C. Full story

Restaurants increasingly move to incentivize COVID-19 vaccinations

A survey shows that half of operators plan to provide incentives like pay and paid time off for employees to get the vaccineFull story

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