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Canadian children need more accessible play spaces
Despite the fact that 92 per cent of Canadians agree that accessibility for people with disabilities is a basic human right, playgrounds across the country continue to leave children on the sidelines with design and maintenance practices that are not fully inclusive.
Building operators highly sought and lowly paid
Building operations and maintenance positions are at the bottom of the pay scale in a sector that reports a general skills shortage.
Ecommerce fulfillment centre pilots new robot
Maintenance technicians with the online grocery supplier, Ocado, have a new intern at their Ecommerce fulfillment centres. Human staff have begun testing the first prototype of a collaborative robot, called a cobot, 
Facility Floor Maintenance: Tips and Tools
Facility management professionals are faced with daily decisions on building maintenance, cleanliness, staff and operating costs. In that mix of responsibilities is implementing a floor care program that protects your floor investment and bottom line.
Quebec tweaks building upkeep and repair rules
A recent amendment to Quebec’s labour relations act allows educational and health care facilities, charitable organizations and some small landlords and businesses to rely on unpaid help for minor building upkeep and repair. 
Tips for managing frozen pipes
Many buildings across the Greater Toronto Area experienced frigid weather this month, which caused pipes in commercial buildings to freeze and burst. 

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Ontario hikes fines for workplace health and safety
Ontario has increased the maximum fines for individuals and businesses that don’t comply with workplace health and safety standards.
Top 12 stories to watch in 2018
The REMI Network’s award-winning editorial team takes a look at the top stories from 2017 and how they will continue to impact the commercial real estate management industry in 2018. 
in_the_loop_banner_energy_sus.jpg Construction side effects carry deadly risks
Living through construction can be a fact of life and death for hospital patients. That’s why it’s so important to curb the environmental impacts of expansions and renovations, which include fugitive dust, diesel odour, noise and vibration, especially when these projects occur outside of existing healthcare facilities. 
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ICYMI: Reducing the cost of cleaning supplies
Astute managers have learned that reducing the number of custodial staff can result in a host of new problems, such as unhealthy buildings. Rather than cut back on workers, saving money on cleaning supplies is another option. Read More »

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