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CAM News & Updates
President's Message

camengnancy-may262020.pngThis month is all about trust.  As we get ready for the busy season (although from what I hear from early responses to the COVID survey, business didn’t really slow down over the winter), CAM’s role is to continue to instill in consumers’ minds that hiring a CAM member will provide them with a mover who is reliable and can be trusted.

Our messaging is always the same.  That’s on purpose.  After three years, our messaging “to find a trusted and reliable mover, contact CAM at” is finally resonating with the consumer.  That has become evident with the increase in activity on our website and through inquiries for our members’ moving services.

Unfortunately, 2020 saw a prolific increase in moving fraud.  Fraudsters used the excuse that they couldn’t confirm the weight of the shipment because they couldn’t do a survey due to COVID-19.  And sadly, people were thrilled with the much cheaper price that they were quoted.  Well, we all know how those situations ended.  Horribly.

This past week, CAM started preparing for this year’s May is Moving Month social media campaign with the BBBs across Canada.  We are going to continue to pump out the messaging about making safe moves and trusting your mover, while working in the hashtag #KnowYourMover.  We are also going after new media interest by drawing on the upcoming busy moving season as an opportunity to warn customers “Don’t move COVID with you.”  More on that in the next newsletter.

If you haven’t already signed up, do consider catching our joint April 22nd session on common consumer complaints and how movers can avoid them.  Moving services are still in the top 10 complaints at the BBB and we’d love to make sure that CAM members aren’t amongst them.

To further CAM’s message about knowing and trusting your mover, CAM has recently reprinted our popular consumer brochure – Choosing a Mover (who can you trust?).  The purpose of this brochure is to inform your customers on the importance of hiring a professional moving company that they can trust … yours.  Please consider adding this as a sales tool for your company.

Finally, it’s not too late to sign up for tomorrow’s free webinar with previous CAM conference presenter Sandra Crozier-McKee, who will provide you with pertinent information that will help you answer the question “after your initial meeting with your new customer, do they trust you?” 

I trust you’ll have a great April!



burltboyzlogocamapril72021.pngCAM would like to welcome Burly Boyz of Edmonton AB as our newest Independent member!  Founded in 2009, they started with one truck and a couple of guys.  Now they have a fleet of 13 trucks and are located in several cities.  Need a hand in Edmonton?  Why not give them a call? 

Burly Boyz Moving
Omar Madi, Managing Partner

12868 184 St. NW, Edmonton, AB  T5V 1T4
Tel: 780-757-7808 / Toll free: 1-800-991-6441 

Upcoming CAM Events!

Our webinars are winding down while your workload is winding up!  There are only a few more opportunities to join in.  You’ll see details at the bottom of the newsletter.

Detailed information is below, but do you have these webinars on your calendar yet?

April 8 
1:00 pm ET


How do you build trust?


April 13
1:00 pm ET


Introduction to video surveys


April 22
1:00 pm ET

CAM & BBB’s tips to guide you through peak season (and prepare for May Is Moving Month) Free!
All sessions require registration.  Please contact to get the webinar link!


Shelter Movers partners with CAM

camnewssheltermoverslogo-april72021.pngShelter Movers is a federally incorporated non-profit organization that provides trauma-informed, no-cost moving and temporary storage support to individuals and families moving from violence or abuse.  The organization is powered by over 1,200 volunteers and is supported by local businesses and community partners who share a vision of living in a country where fleeing abuse is easy, safe, and barrier-free for everyone.  Shelter Movers operates six chapters to date, serving the Greater Toronto Area & York Region, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax & Annapolis Valley, Montreal, and Kitchener/Waterloo Region.

Established in 2016, Shelter Movers has had partnerships with CAM members Firemen Movers since 2018 and supplier Advantage Box since 2020.  Two weeks ago, Firemen Movers held a training session for some of their volunteers and have more planned for the future.  CAM is also going to assist with training of their growing volunteer corps and assist with widening their network. 

As home violence increases, especially during the pandemic, the need for free emergency moving services is going to also be in demand.  If you are interested in partnering with Shelter Movers in your community, by helping with training, providing volunteers, or perhaps some storage space, please contact:

Jessica Galbraith, Operations Manager
Shelter Movers Greater Toronto
Direct line: (289) 201-9129 

For more information on Shelter Movers, click here.

camnewsapril72021-1.jpg camnewsapril72021-2.jpg

New Supply of Brochures available!

camnewsapril72021-3.pngCAM’s popular Choosing a Mover (who can you trust?) brochure has been reprinted and is available to members for distribution to their customers.  The purpose of the brochure is for moving salespeople or coordinators to provide the brochure and have a conversation with their potential customers about professional, certified moving companies such as theirs and the importance of the consumer doing their homework before choosing their mover. Brochures are available in English and French and are super affordable.  Please contact to order yours!  

New job opportunities

The busy moving season is looming and members are looking to expand their employee roster!  Check out the latest job opportunities on our Job Postings webpage. Contact CAM if you’d like your job posted there. 



Blue Bins Unlimited Corp - a CAM member for 11 years

camsuplierspotlightbluebins-april72021.jpgBlue Bins Unlimited Corp - a CAM member for 11 years Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. is at the cutting edge of making moving easy and eco-friendly at the same time. Since 1993, they’ve been providing rental plastic moving bins and moving equipment to commercial movers and installation companies across Canada. Their bins are easy to stack and durable enough to withstand large commercial moves. Plastic moving bins ensure that clients’ belongings arrive safely at their destination, without putting strain on the planet. Blue Bins can help make moving less stressful for clients and the planet. They’ll deliver however many bins are wanted right to where you need them and pick them up once everything is unpacked. Bins are perfect for keeping office moves organized; they stack easily and neatly. You can also purchase labels to make sure nothing gets mixed up and, if you need a couple more bins at last minute, they can help with that. Follow Blue Bins on social media for more tips, tricks, and advice. Order boxes online or call at 1.888.502.BINS (2467) to reserve today!



2 months to go – Are you ready? 
Enforcement of Canada’s ELD mandate to be phased in over a year

Transport Canada has reaffirmed its commitment to a June 12 rollout of Canada’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, but with a “progressive enforcement period” lasting 12 months.  CAM urges you to make sure you are compliant and a contributor to Canada’s road safety!

*new* As Canada’s ELD deadline nears, the government plans soft enforcement.  Read the Fleet Owner article here.

*new* Leveraging Canadian ELDs for doing much more than Elogs - Truck News.  While CAM is not endorsing one product over another, this VLOG has a lot of info for maximizing your ELDs administratively and operationally.  Check out the suggestions here.  

Previous articles:

Read the government’s announcement here

Read Today's Trucking article here

Online Guide to transitioning to ELDs



Stay up to Date!

We encourage you to check our COVID-19 section regularly on our website, as Nancy is still monitoring the various government briefings every day and that’s where we’re posting breaking news.

Be smart. Be vigilant. Be safe.

Vaccination Rollout information

Provincial vaccination rollout plans are now being announced across the country.  As each area has different protocols, we are providing links for each province's vaccine websites.  Please click on our COVID-19 Vaccine page to learn more.  We are also doing our best to keep up-to-date with each province’s announcements on essential workers' vaccination dates and will try and email members in each province as we hear.  

Which COVID-19 vaccine is better? (spoiler, they’re all good)

Dr. Samir Gupta explains how the four COVID-19 vaccines now approved in Canada (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen) work and why efficacy rates aren’t the most important number to look at.

Check out this short, but very informative video. And share with your coworkers and family.

NB Class 1 cross-border drivers can now get vaccinated!

Mar 24, 2021 - The government of New Brunswick has announced that rotational workers, regular cross-border commuters and truckers (class 1) are now eligible to schedule their vaccination appointment at a pharmacy for a Covid-19 vaccine. According to the press release, truck drivers can use a Class 1 licence to demonstrate eligibility. There was a question on Facebook asking the government about Class 3 licences. At the time of writing this, the question had not been answered yet. No other information about vaccinating trucking/moving crews was announced.

Here’s the press release in English and en français.

Will essential worker require proof of employment for priority vaccines?

As vaccine deliveries to Canada are ramping up and discussion in all provinces about essential workers priority status is now happening, it won’t be long before the moving industry will be in the priority queue for their vaccines as essential workers. It is unclear whether or not proof of employment in an essential business will be required when your employees go for their priority vaccination. Should it be required, CAM has put together a sample letter that you might want to adapt for your employees on your letterhead. It is very important that you have detailed contact information – name, address, contact details - on this letter, along with your logo and business name. Make sure it looks official!

View CAM Vaccine Update webpage for essential worker sample letter (vaccine edition)

Vaccine policy at work – will you need one?

CAM President Nancy Irvine was invited to sit in on a session with the Maryland Motor Truck Association’s legal advisers who were addressing their membership on COVID and Employer Liability.  Nancy has had a couple of conversations with CAM members about mandatory workplace vaccinations and potential challenges with consumers who may demand to see proof that the crew coming into their homes have been vaccinated...all things we have to consider as we move into the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Check out Nancy’s summary of the session here.  

Provincial Restrictions and updated information

Do you find yourself trying to figure out what’s happening in a province that you have to make a delivery in? With COVID variants on the rise, things are continually changing depending on which province you are in. With COVID on the rise, things are changing rapidly once again. In order to help, we now have all of the provinces and territories listed with the links to that information on the main page of our COVID-19 news section.



Is a strike at Montréal’s Port coming soon?

Unionized dockworkers at Canada's second-largest port on Sunday, March 21st, rejected an offer from management, a CUPE union representative said, raising industry fears of a new strike following crippling work stoppages in 2020.

The workers have not formally asked to strike.  CUPE has said that work schedules were one of the major issues in the talks.  The Montreal Port Authority said in a recent statement that the workers' 19-day stoppage during the summer of 2020 cost wholesalers $600 million in sales over a two-month period, according to Statistics Canada.

CAM’s International Committee has been monitoring the situation and anticipates disruption right at the peak season.

The Montreal Port Authority has warned that future stoppages could cause supply chain delays and higher freight costs "right as the economic recovery and a broader reopening of the retail sector" in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario get underway.


Global warehousing costs set to rise as capacity slips behind demand 

Shippers and consignees need to brace themselves for a significant increase in US warehousing costs, according to real estate giant CBRE.

It warned that rampant demand, coupled with tight supply and rising construction costs, could drive up warehousing rents by 10% this year.


Truck driver shortage a worldwide phenomenon

Fleets are struggling to hire the truck drivers they need despite economic slowdowns associated with Covid-19, and not just in Canada.  The IRU — an international supply chain group that counts members such as the Canadian Trucking Alliance and American Trucking Associations – is reporting driver shortages around the world.

Read more about this survey and story here



The skinny on claiming home-office expenses

Things could be very interesting for a lot of taxpayers this year.  With the pandemic, millions of Canadians have had to switch to telecommuting - which will impact tax season.  For those who have had to work from home, the tax authorities have implemented two methods to allow them to deduct their employment expenses this year:  one at a temporary fixed rate, the other detailed.  If you do not yet know which method to choose and how to proceed, this article will get you started. 


Still trying to figure out if your office staff are better at work or at home?  6 Remote Work Models to Consider

During the early days of the pandemic, organizations were in crisis mode as they shifted to remote work.  There was no time to strategically plan the transition to the current work from home state.  Almost a year later, teams are now more comfortable operating outside of the office.  As organizations look to ‘what’s next’ for their post-pandemic workforce, it’s time to lay out a strategy for what your longer-term remote workforce could resemble.


Product Spotlight



Snowbirds Auto Connection Ltd.

Snowbirds Auto Connection is a family-owned and operated vehicle transport company providing reliable, door-to-door, damage-free transportation across Canada and the U.S. SAC offers a variety of services including coast-to-coast transportation, cross-border relocation and vehicle storage.

Learn More


CAM Webinar 2105 – How do you build trust? –  LAST DAY TO REGISTER!

When: Thurs. April 8, 2021, 1:00 pm (ET)

Presenter: Sandra Crozier-McKee

Cost: Free

Finding a trusted and reliable mover is the key phrase CAM uses in social media to encourage consumers to contact us to find you.  After your initial meeting with your new customer, do they trust you?

Business leaders recognize the significance of emotional intelligence as a valuable tool to their success.   No one expects you to be a psychologist, but sitting in on this one-hour session will help improve your ability to understand and manage your own emotions, by adjusting them to complement those of your teams, prospects, and clients during the stressful time of moving. The results?  An increased bond of trust and an improved relationship with your client at a time when they need you most. 

Check out this mini Sandler Institute session about how to build trust with your customers. This session is ideal for sales staff. Please contact CAM to register.

CAM Webinar 2106 – Tips to guide you through peak season

When: Thurs. April 22, 2021, 1:00 pm (ET)

Presenter: BBB and CAM

Cost: Free

To kick off our 4th annual May is Moving Month campaign, the BBB and CAM are going to host a session to discuss some of the common issues and complaints that we both hear about in the run of the season.  Moving services are still in the top 10 complaints at the BBB and we’d love to make sure that CAM members aren’t amongst them.  Join this session to learn how to help you protect yourself and continue to raise your bar as a professional mover.

* This session is ideal for sales staff, coordinators and operations folks, or anyone else who deals with a move before or on move day.

Please contact CAM to register.

CAM Golf Tournament


As golf courses open, we’re starting to think more about golf!  Join us at the beautiful Carlisle Golf Club for our 25th annual golf day.  At the moment, we are going with the same successful format as last year, which includes dedicated tee times between 11:00 am - 12:40 pm.  Lunch and post-game meals are included with cart and prizes.

CAM Conference


We are still monitoring Alberta’s COVID-19 regulations with regards to indoor meeting requirements.  A decision on whether we go ahead with our face-to-face conference will be made before the end of the summer.  Both hotel and conference registration will remain closed until that decision is made.  We appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to meet in person, but we must take safety into consideration.  At this time, no one knows what is going to happen over the next few months.  Cross your fingers. | | Media Kit
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