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Urbanization turbocharging pesticide resistance
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Canada’s growing cities are prompting pests like bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents to better adapt to urban environments and resist commonly used pesticides. In response, emerging technologies are paving the way for greener solutions to pest control.
Facilities urged to properly dispose of fats, oils, grease
Compared to residential units, industrial, commercial and institutional facilities often discharge larger amounts of fats, oils and grease into the sanitary sewer, causing problems internally and for the surrounding municipality.
New tools to handle infectious disease outbreaks
A new microsite full of tools and resources has been developed to help workplaces and communities minimize the impact of flu and infectious disease outbreaks.
Facility Floor Maintenance: Tips and Tools
Facility appearance ratings can drop by as much as 75 per cent if floor shine makes a bad first impression. The most efficient way to maintain the look of any finished floor is by adopting and following a regular maintenance schedule and using products that require the least amount of labour.
Calgary bylaw change in effect to boost waste diversion
A bylaw amendment is now in effect requiring Calgary-based facilities to separate yard and food waste from the garbage, while other changes to waste management are expected for 2018.
Survey reveals annoying kitchen office habits
A recent survey suggests poor etiquette in shared office kitchens may be causing discord among Canadian coworkers. 

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Single-use professional sports venues falter
From a sustainability perspective, schemes to replace a 30-year-old facility in Calgary or an even newer 22-year-old facility in Ottawa seem out of sync with the philosophy that the greenest of all buildings is the one that hasn’t been built. 
New standard to measure traction of walkways
ASTM International is developing a proposed standard for measuring the traction of pedestrian walkways, including in wet conditions.
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services.jpg Building energy benchmarking pays off
In order to successfully implement a building energy benchmarking and disclosure policy in B.C., industry needs to be engaged as a key stakeholder. The varying capacity of building owners, operators, and landlords across the sector makes training and capacity building essential, especially for those managing smaller buildings. 
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ICYMI: How automation is changing the JanSan industry
Canadian cleaning companies are starting to rethink how automation will make them more efficient and competitive. As new research emerges flagging technology as a risk to janitorial and cleaning jobs, some in the industry don't see it as an immediate threat, but rather a complement to valuable skills that cannot be replaced. Read More »

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