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Building services seen as precarious employment 
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Cleaners, security guards, parking attendants and building-specific food service workers could attain union certification through a streamlined one-step process if proposed amendments to Ontario’s Labour Relations Act are adopted. Building services are also among a handful of sectors subject to a special measure that would uphold collective agreements and bargaining units when contracts are re-tendered, while, more generally, proposed changes to the Employment Standards Act would apply to the vast majority of workplaces in the province.
Mississauga adopts greener purchasing practices
The City of Mississauga is updating its purchasing practices to ensure decisions favour more sustainable goods and services and ethical vendor behaviour. 
Sink removal in ICU rooms may reduce bacterial colonization
Removing sinks from rooms in intensive care units and introducing water-free patient care leads to lower bacteria colonization rates, finds a new study.
Tips for painting your commercial property
Painting the interior or exterior of your commercial building may revive its look, but the job can turn out to be more complicated than you originally anticipated. That’s why it’s vital to choose the right contractor to get the job done correctly the first time.
Recycled tires create more resilient concrete: study
New concrete used to resurface steps at the University of British Columbia (UBC) shows significantly reduced cracking. The finding comes after researchers there used recycled tires to develop an extra resilient concrete that could be used for buildings, roads, bridges and dams, while reducing landfill waste.
London's fatal fire sparks high-rise safety concerns
Canadian fire experts share insight and tips about the fatal fire that ripped through a 24-storey apartment tower in London, England, on June 14th. As structural engineers attempt to secure the charred remnants in order to search for clues, speculation is swirling around what led to the fire spreading so quickly and why fire alarms (reportedly) failed to go off.

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Simple steps to handle norovirus incidents
Norovirus illness can happen all year long and is easily spread in group settings like schools, day camps, childcare facilities, hospitals and cruise ships.
Infection control market could reach $300-billion-plus by 2025
More intensive training modules on infection prevention and control are expected to increase the potential for more usage of infection control products.
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services (002).jpg Cost-cutting services for retail maintenance
Before the digital age, facilities managers used manual spreadsheets, old-school calculators and experienced-based estimates to determine the cost of keeping buildings clean and safe. Today, high-tech, web-based tools remove subjectivity from the equation and provide rapid, reliable results that streamline FM projects and help control costs.
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ICYMI: Existing asbestos stockpile raises concerns
Although Canada is finally banning asbestos-containing products for good by 2018, the government hasn’t yet clarified issues related to existing asbestos. Read More »

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