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Infection control downplayed in surface selection
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Housekeeping staff continue to face challenges with cleaning and disinfecting healthcare facilities because many environmental surfaces that are purchased don’t meet best practice recommendations under the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee (PIDAC). Upcoming updates to this document will place more stringent guidelines on the selection of environmental surfaces in healthcare settings, and are in response to research indicating that microbes live on surfaces for days, weeks and even months. Meanwhile, industry is learning that various surfaces play an active role in the transmission of organisms through direct and indirect contact with the environment and people.
Five highlights of the new ISSA Canada
Industry is applauding the creation of ISSA Canada, which was formed earlier this month to better serve the Canadian cleaning and janitorial community.
Making bins more convenient boosts recycling rates: study
Researchers at The University of British Columbia (UBC) released a new study showing that placing bins 1.5 metres away from suite doors drastically boosts recycling and composting rates by 141 per cent. 
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Summer Planning Tips for Boilers and Chillers
Summer is the best time to consider replacing a chiller for the next cooling season, even if it seems like ages away. Old chillers are one of the biggest energy hogs in a building, and a big ticket item to change when the time is right. Their regular life span ranges from 25 to 30 years based on how well they are maintained and how often they run. If a new one is needed, facility managers have to allocate necessary funds in advance to take advantage of the energy savings from today’s more efficient stock.
Free recycling, waste collection analytics software launches
After two years in production, Busch Systems, manufacturer of recycling, waste and compost containers, is launching the Resource Center, a free waste and recycling analytics software program designed to track waste management efforts at the station level.
Keeping the dirtiest pests out of foodservice areas
Pests are a year-round threat to foodservice establishments, which provide an endless supply of food, water and shelter. Local news outlets often report poor health inspection scores and facility and restaurant occupants can easily share pest sightings on social media. To avoid negative publicity, it’s important to be aware of the dirtiest and most loathed pests that are the greatest risk.

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Nova Scotia changes Occupational Health and Safety Act
The Nova Scotia government is making changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act that will help keep employees safe at work.
City of Mississauga slashes electricity use at rink
A task force at the City of Mississauga has slashed the electricity consumption of the ice-making equipment at its Iceland Arena by 22 per cent during winter and shoulder season operations, staff say. The improvement in energy efficiency for that timeframe represents a weekly 136-kilowatt drop in electrical demand, which works out to savings of $38,000 per year.
in_theLoop_banner_prof_services (002).jpg ASHRAE forges stronger ties with Institute of Refrigeration
ASHRAE and the Institute of Refrigeration signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier this month, which outlines how the two groups will work closer together to promote advancements in cooling and heating.
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ICYMI: Safety considerations for electrical work
A recent survey of managers in Ontario who oversee electrical work at their facilities indicates that close to 40 per cent don’t realize the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (Code) applies to work in their buildings. But it does. In fact, the Code must be followed for all electrical work – maintenance, repair and new projects.
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