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Little oversight of high-GWP anesthetic gases
Anesthetics commonly used in medical, dental and veterinary surgery have global warming potential (GWP) ranging from 130 to 2,540 times greater than carbon dioxide (CO2), but are largely overlooked when greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are officially tallied. The gases — desflurane, isoflurane and sevoflurane — are not among the 31 listed in Ontario’s GHG emissions reporting regulation. Nor are health care facilities asked to account for anesthetics in the carbon emissions calculations that public sector entities must make as part of their mandated energy conservation and demand management plans.
Far-UVC light can stop flu from spreading: study
Continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can stop the flu from spreading in indoor public locations like airports and schools, according to a new study.
Carbon market funds to upgrade Ontario schools
Ontario is investing in energy retrofits and repairs at college and university campuses across the province.
A New Age for Sustainable Projects
To reach Canada’s and Ontario’s environmental commitments, the property management industry needs to renovate 3 per cent of its existing stock every year for the next 33 years.
Facility managers eye IoT investments
FMs plan to adopt intelligent analytics to improve operations and maintenance. As smart technology proliferates in everyday control devices, it raises questions. For example: How can IoT solutions be integrated with the many other legacy devices present in buildings without ripping and replacing existing infrastructure?  
WorkSafeBC plan to reduce workplace construction injuries
Falls from height were the leading cause of injury for B.C. construction workers and the leading cause of death remains asbestos exposure.

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Accessible fire safety tips
Buildings are unprepared for increasing disability rates in Canada, raising concerns among accessibility advocates who see the built environment as a laggard when it comes to fire safety.
Citron Hygiene and BOMA Canada publish Pandemic Guide
IThe latest version of the Pandemic Guide has been released with the most up-to-date knowledge of preparedness. 
in_the_loop_banner_energy_sus.jpg How IoT is making waste management smarter
The decreasing costs of sensors means the Internet of Things is rapidly moving into new areas of commercial and residential properties, such as recycling and waste management.
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ICYMI: Thinking outside the mould in facility maintenance
Facilities still contain built-in materials that were exposed to rain and snow during the construction or renovation process, leading to the presence of mould. A seminar at PM Expo focused on various causes of mould, preventative maintenance measures and how to communicate with occupants. Read More »

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