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ECAO 2020 Virtual Annual General Meeting- September 17, 2020

This year ECAO is going virtual! Stay connected for more details on our 2020 Virtual AGM. #ECAO2020AGM



Make your Workplace Safe


Click Here:

Check out this video and Make Your Workplace Safer! This video is featuring Jason Mccoy and Jim Payetta, We are One song, which deeply touches your heart!

#Weare1WorldSong #covid19safety

ECAO and local ECAs step up to help charities during COVID 19


This is the first in a 4 part series to feature articles recognizing the collaborative effort between ECAO and its local ECAs during COVID 19 in helping their local charities. The full article can be read in the upcoming issue of the Ontario Electrical Contractor magazine.

This collaborative effort initiated by the ECAO Executive Committee matched local ECA donations to help support their local charities during COVID 19. Most of the donations went to organizations helping those suffering mental health issues, local food availability, and children’s centers. As a result, a total of $200,000 was donated.

Here are just a few of the organizations supported through this mutual effort:


Local: Electrical Contractors Association of Ottawa

Charity: The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre



The Royal opened an urgent prompt care clinic (C-PROMPT Clinic) to help deal with the pandemic and the increased requirement to support those struggling with mental health issues. This clinic is using a combination of in-person, virtual, and mobile consultation to provide mental health services and the donation from the Ottawa ECA local was a huge help.

"Mental health is not a visual or tangible illness which makes it harder for some to understand," Picknell explains. "There is the unfair stigma that mental health can be controlled by one’s self which leads to a sort of a false embarrassment of self-diagnosed weakness. There needs to be a better sense of awareness that mental health is an illness, like cancer, in that it can cause death, and that people suffering from such an illness need our help. If you are blessed with the power to make a difference and help people, it is your responsibility to do so," he adds. Roch Picknell, ECA Ottawa, Wired Synergy Inc.


Local: Electrical Construction Association of Hamilton (ECAH) (founded in 1946, first association of all the ECAs)

Charities: Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation



"Our mental health donation is important because it is an ongoing issue and more prevalent at this time during Covid-19 due to stay at home orders," Mark Lloyd, ECAH President explains.

Pearl Veenema, Chief Executive Officer of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation, expressed tremendous gratitude for the donation. "Knowing that our community continues to support the important work of McMaster Children’s Hospital during this challenging time is so heartwarming." She said the money will be used to support patients and families in the Child and Youth Mental Health Program.






Ontario Construction Secretariat releases its third Coronavirus Contractor Survey

Between June 16 and June 19, 2020, the Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) led a Contractor’s Survey of 200 ICI (Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional) contractors from across Ontario. This survey provides insight into how the construction industry is adapting to new safety guidelines related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus Contractor Survey: Re-emergence and Adaptation has found that the top concern of contractors is the potential of a second wave of COVID-19, followed by the continued unease in ensuring the health and safety of their workers.

ecao7150720.pngBetween Survey 2 (May 11 – 15, 2020) and Survey 3 (June 16 – 19, 2020), there has been a significant increase of concern with the ability to obtain skilled labour and supply chain disruptions. According to the survey, little improvement has been found in supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus since the first survey in this series (April 22 – 29, 2020), with close to two-thirds of contractors still reporting a medium to high impact.

All three recent OCS surveys can be found below: 

  1. Coronavirus Contractor: Impacts and Actions - May 5, 2020
  2. Coronavirus Contractor Survey 2: Restart and Recovery - May 25, 2020
  3. Coronavirus Contractor Survey 3: Reemergence & Adaption - June 30, 2020

Canada sees historic drop in construction spending

ecao8150720.pngStatistics Canada is reporting historic drops in construction investment.

The national statistics office noted that investment in building construction plunged 45.9 percent this April compared to the previous month.

Previously, the largest national decline on record for the current series, which dates back to 2010, was a 3.9 percent decrease in August 2017.

Both the residential (-49.2 percent) and non-residential (-38.8 percent) sectors experienced record-breaking declines. Investment decreased in all provinces and territories, with Ontario (-$3.2 billion) and Quebec (-$2.5 billion) reporting the largest declines.


ESA launches risk-based oversight of wiring inspections

July 7, 2020 – Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) has officially launched Risk-based Oversight (RBO) for inspections of electrical wiring notifications, saying it will help reduce the burden on Ontario businesses while allowing ESA to focus on work that is a higher risk while targeting the underground economy.


Not so fast, says Greater Toronto ECA: Risk-based Oversight will cost you

ecao18150720.jpgThe recent launch of Risk-based Oversight (RBO) by Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority for inspection of electrical wiring notifications will effectively raise residential inspection fees in the Greater Toronto Area by roughly 25%, says the Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association.

“For our member contractors in the housing sector in the GTA, the launch of the new [RBO] program will result in an additional, across the board, $1 million in fees collected by ESA… fees that eventually are passed on to the home buyer” says Bob O’Donnell, executive vice-president of the Greater Toronto ECA.


Future Leaders Advisory Council Meeting- June 25

ecao9150720.pngOn June 25th, 2020, the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) held its inaugural Future Leaders Advisory Committee (FLAC) meeting. With over 25 next-generation future leaders in attendance, the historic meeting was built on the framework of industry engagement, continuing education, and networking.

As the FLAC continues to build momentum towards their first-ever event, we encourage all ECAO members who are under the age of 40 to reach out directly to Cathy Frederickson for details in taking on an active role with the Future Leaders Advisory Committee (FLAC).

Special thanks to all individuals who attended the June 25th inaugural FLAC meeting and we are all looking forward to building greatness together.


Certi-Fire Fire Alarm Program Distant Learning Level 5 Coming this Fall


Did you notice your Certi-Fire credentials have expired or are about to expire? Under the agreement with the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office, the Certi-Fire Fire Alarm Certificate must be renewed every five years. We strongly encourage you to make arrangements to renew and keep your certificate at current. We are planning to run the next Distant Learning Level 5 Recertification course in Fall. The tentative commencement date is September 10, 2020. The course starts at 6:30 in the evening. Participants are required to have an internet connection in order to attend the course via “Go to Meeting”. They can connect through a computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera and microphone. Spots are limited!

Distant learning will benefit you remotely to continue study in the comfort of your own safe environment, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As time is money, you can also save your commute time traveling if you have a restricted schedule or live too far from a Local Training Hall. If you would consider taking the Distant Learning course, please contact our Certi-Fire Program Administrator at or 1-800-387-3226 for more information.

Webinar on Mental Health and the Resumption of our Normal(ish) Work life

On July 10 Teksmed delivered a webinar on how to deal with working life in the new normal. ECAO members are also invited to access their new online well-being program Thrive. To learn more about Thrive go here:

The link for the recording:

4S Consulting COVID-19 Training and Monitoring

ecao11150720.jpgIn the constant endeavour to support Canadian businesses to help them protect their staff from COVID-19, one of our Affiliate Partners, 4S Consulting Services Inc. are developing online training modules to help employers from construction, industrial, services, and other sectors. Their construction online training is based on Chief Prevention Officer’s guide.

The COVID-19 online training modules for construction & industrial sectors are ready for use. 4S will share updates on new COVID-19 training modules and other alerts by email with you and your team registered for the training.

Check out the Free COVID-19 Online Training Modules. Self-Register here: Click Here!

To Read the Instructions for Accessing Training Modules or for more information on COVID-19 monitoring tools, please visit:

Learn How Platforms are Transforming Construction



TITLE: Learn How Platforms are Transforming Construction
DATE: August 4th, 2020
TIME: 11:00am PT

If moving from products to a single platform isn't in your company's business strategy, it should be. Because if there's one thing we've learned from COVID-19 it's that connected technology isn't a nice-to-have—it's a must. Hear from a panel of the industry's top technology experts as they discuss:

  • • The state of construction technology and current challenges
  • • Where the industry is heading in the next 5 years and technology's role in it
  • • Why construction's move to a single connected platform is vital to construction's post-pandemic recovery

Register now!


Ontario releases guide for developing COVID Workplace Safety Plan

ecao14150720.jpgJune 24, 2020 – The Ontario government has produced a new workplace guide—available as a handy Word template download—that will help employers develop a safety plan to better protect workers, customers and clients.

A key part of the workplace guide is risk assessment and control. The first step to controlling risks in a workplace is, naturally, to identify them.


Measures Would Help Deliver Critical Infrastructure Projects Faster

The Government of Ontario has developed a made-in-Ontario plan for growth, renewal, and economic recovery. This plan includes measures that would make it easier and faster to build provincial highways, major transit infrastructure projects, and quality, affordable housing while ensuring there are meaningful opportunities for community consultation and input.


Industry Perspectives Op-Ed: Extending the safety culture to end racism

ecao15150720.jpgThe initial response from industry leaders to recent acts of racism on Ontario construction job sites was swift and clear: there is no place for racism in our industry.

And at least one of the specific companies involved has taken concrete steps to ensure such incidents never occur on one of their projects again.

But what will it take to address racism across the industry? No construction executive I know is naive enough to think that a few sternly worded social media posts and a toolbox talk are enough to eradicate this blight from the industry for good. It will take an intentional, united, and sustained effort from all corners of construction to end racism and prejudice of any kind.


Women of Powerline Technicians opens lines to electrical careers

ecao16150720.jpgEmployment in this country’s electricity sector is no longer the exclusive domain of men, says the founder and executive director of Women of Powerline Technicians (Women of PLT).

Women are making strides in obtaining apprenticeships and securing employment. But they still have a long way too, says Lana Norton, the second female graduate from a powerline technician program in Ontario.



Introducing ParkSafe, Park’N Fly’s Newest Set of Health and Safety Measures and Procedures


Toronto, ON (June 11, 2020) - Park'N Fly, Canada’s leading national off-airport parking provider announced the implementation of the ParkSafe Program at every one of its facilities across the country. The program comprises of new protocols and preventative measures designed to create a safe and healthy environment that provides peace of mind to both customers and employees.


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