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More landlords using child care to bolster amenities

Corporate tenants are increasingly demanding daycare centres in their buildings to help female employees go back to work and pursue their careers after maternity leave. Some landlords, in turn, are prioritizing these spaces as they would a fitness centre or a meeting area, looking at child care as a property investment to attract companies.


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Headline News
»End of era results released for BOMA BEST v2
»Bentall Kennedy adds to Montreal portfolio
»Study of wellness programs show positive effects
A New Age for Sustainability
To reach Canada’s and Ontario’s environmental commitments, the property management industry needs to renovate 3 per cent of its existing stock every year for the next 33 years. It’s no easy task, and it’s one that all stakeholders are committed to improving building efficiencies, reducing energy usage, and making other eco-forward investments. »READ MORE
»Winnipeg's True North Square reaches milestone 
»Tax relief for non-residential properties in Calgary
»StorageVault expands in Ontario
H&S Building Supplies Ltd. is one of Ontario's premier maintenance supply wholesalers. We specialize in the multi-unit residential space; providing quality products, competitive prices, on-time delivery, and product knowledge second to none. We exist to service & supply the property management industry. »VISIT OUR WEBSITE
Quebec foresees return on retrofit loans
The Quebec government and the labour-sponsored investment fund, Fondaction, will each contribute $15 million in seed capital to underwrite energy efficiency improvements in commercial buildings. »READ MORE
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Spring pests return for flood season
Changing temperatures, melting snow and higher-than-normal precipitation all contribute to the threat of spring floods. Provinces are pouring more money into disaster preparedness to battle these factors, but for now, cities cannot eliminate the possibility that flood waters will pose a significant risk to infrastructure and cause increased pest activity and pest-related health risks. »READ MORE
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