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How custodians can prep before students return
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Public and private schools will soon be reopening across Canada, welcoming millions of new and returning students. While the reality of school is slowly settling in for students, August is especially busy for custodians who have to begin preparing clean and healthy facilities. Here are some tips for managing work before the bell rings in September. 
Employees demand hygienic, smart workplaces: report
Employees are demanding more intelligent and hygienic workplaces, and are more open to connecting devices related to hygiene, states a new report from Tork.
Tips for selecting chemical-resistant gloves
Choosing the right chemical-resistant gloves is an important decision for cleaning professionals. The selection process can, at times, be tough, with many brands on the market. 
A Retailer's Nightmare
In April 2014, heavy rains, melting snow and ice jams in Atlantic Canada forced river waters to rise, submerging roads, filling basements and prompting hundreds to be evacuated from their homes and businesses. One large local retailer with 50,000 square feet of floor space, was left to cope with a foot of water.
Five office hot spots for hidden germs 
What are some overlooked sources of cross-contamination in the workplace? An expert identifies common culprits along with sanitation tips.
IICRC seeks volunteers to develop new cleaning/maintenance standard
The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is now accepting applications for volunteers to serve on a consensus body for the development of the new BSR-IICRC S400 Standard for Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration of the Commercial Built Environment.

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The value of applying a floor finish
School administrators and facility managers are, more frequently, deciding not to apply a finish to their floors due to time, cost and environmental factors. An expert says this isn’t the best idea, and offers some healthy and manageable alternatives.
Saskatchewan upgrades chemical labelling system
Saskatchewan’s chemical labelling system will soon align with a new world-wide standard.
How to start a preventative maintenance program
The question of how to start a preventive maintenance (PM) program is extremely common, and for good reason. With budgets tight and workers stretched thin, PM has become a nice-to-have instead of a must-have for many organizations. Many operations and maintenance crews find themselves operating in a reactive environment, never knowing what major equipment failure will occur next.
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Recognizing safety threats in the janitor's closet
Cleaning chemicals rely on powerful formulas to help loosen and remove soils and contaminants from all types of surfaces. When used properly, they are generally safe, and certified-green cleaning chemicals are usually even safer. When used improperly, problems can arise.
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