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Sanitary Supply Distributors Can Educate Schools On Sustainability

Once a school has developed a baseline and objectives for its green cleaning program, it’s easier to determine exactly what education is needed. Training must be customized to the particular school and its unique needs, says Sawchuk. “You need to understand the base they are starting from,” he says. “If they haven’t used any green cleaning products, you need to get them to understand that green cleaning products work as well or better than traditional products, and you need to tell them you need their feedback if a product isn’t working as well for them.”

2015 September - October CSSA Regulatory Report

Canada Gazette I of Oct. 17/15 evaluated 5 compounds and found them to be toxic or potentially toxic under CEPA. As a result the minister issued conditions under which these compounds may be used. The compounds are:

CAS # 72968-35-5
CAS# 141504-3-2
CAS# 19224-26-1
CAS# 1200806-67-2

The ministerial conditions are found at:

Greenhouse Gas reporting criteria for 2015 are outlined in the Gazette of Oct.17/15. These criteria are for Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulphur hexafluoride, HFC’s and PFC’s.

These criteria are found at:


Cintas Unveils Canada's Top Restroom

Cintas Corp. has named the restroom at 1000 Islands Duty Free in Lansdowne, Ontario, the winner of its sixth annual Canada's Best Restroom Award. The 1000 Islands Duty Free’s restroom was recognized for its stylish high ceilings and marble tiling. It was selected from five finalists in a public online vote.

Providing The Janitorial Industry With Professional Development Opportunities

It doesn’t really matter who you are, how old you are or what you do for a living … lifelong learning is important. And yet, so many small businesses only pay lip service to training being a priority for their teams. Some see time away from job duties as an unnecessary expense. But I disagree. Training programs should be offered to both internal employees and external customers.

Quality Labor and Increasing Minimum Wage

With recent mandates in minimum wage increases across the US, hiring a quality staff has become a challenge for BSCs. Hiring professional, dependable, and motivated employees, while keeping rates low enough to win bids is a real challenge. As the President and CEO of The Kleane Kare Team, I have learned by trial and error how to run a successful business.

  GH_125x125 Icon.jpg   Kimberly Clark Professional*
Rapid Growth, Bountiful Harvests
Reduce pressure on natural forests and promote environment stewardship with GreenHarvest* towel and tissue products by Kimberly-Clark Professional*, made with 20% rapidly renewable plant fiber.
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Industry Honours Joe Graham

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Scum Busting

Whether you’re an established building service contractor (bsc) or a new company trying to find your niche, adding power washing service taps into a market with a consistent demand, year round. Most building managers you currently service are probably already outsourcing pressure washing to another company, but most would prefer to let their existing BSC perform this task on an as needed basis. This makes pressure washing a good fit for most BSCs on the hunt for the service diversification model that can turn leads into revenue.

Liability, Friction and Floors: Who's to blame when someone falls?

Several years ago, a cleaning contractor in northern California was thrown on the hot seat before he even knew exactly what had happened. His company cleaned several branches of a major California bank as well as one of their offices. One afternoon, someone from the bank’s headquarters called him and asked him a series of questions such as, when was the last time his company had stripped and refinished the floors in the office location; what type of finish was applied; did he still have any gallons of the finish left and if not, could he verify when and where they were purchased; when was the last time his crew damp mopped the floors, and what type of cleaning solution was used.

A Scientist, an Actor, a Businessman, and Unknown Toxicity

Many good jokes have a common setup to them. That setup involves a unique group of individuals and some sort of humorous interaction that ends with a punchline. So here is my setup for this blog. What do a famous scientist, an award-winning actress/comedian and a well-known businessman have in common? Let’s look at a quote from each of them.

Connected Cleaning: enhanced efficiency for building cleaning – part two

As I discussed in my previous blog post, the megatrend of networking presents many new challenges, but is also a source of major potential in terms of new products, services and opportunities for all industries and sectors, and in particular the cleaning industry. We call our vision to realise this potential 'Connected Cleaning'.

Are Free Dispensers A Good Deal?

A reader comments: “We have an offer from a vendor to provide free soap dispensers for a well-known product line. Since we have to buy the product from somewhere, why not take advantage of this offer?” This looks like a great deal, subject to following points to consider.

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