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1. London fire sparks high-rise safety concerns
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The fatal fire that ripped through a 24-storey apartment tower in London, England, has left the city traumatized. Deemed one of the deadliest apartment fires in recent history, the blaze in the 120-unit Grenfell Tower council housing block has resulted in 79 confirmed deaths and dozens of injuries. As structural engineers continue to secure the charred remnants in order to search for clues, speculation is swirling around what led to the fire spreading so quickly and why fire alarms (reportedly) failed to go off.
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2. Building services seen as precarious employment
Cleaners, security guards, parking attendants and building-specific food service workers could attain union certification through a streamlined one-step process if proposed amendments to Ontario’s Labour Relations Act are adopted. Read More »
3. Feds scrutinize real estate deals for tax compliance

The federal government is stepping up its scrutiny of real estate deals in a crackdown on tax cheating. Read More »

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4. Drone use comes with flight risk for condos
The very features that make powerful new technology attractive to condo corporations also create potential risk of invasions of privacy. Read More »
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5. National Trust unveils Top 10 Endangered Places
Heritage treasures from British Columbia to Nova Scotia are featured on the National Trust for Canada’s Top 10 Endangered Places List for 2017. Read More »
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