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MAY 19
Quebec Chapter Golf Tournament
Blainvillier Golf Club
Contact: Nina Belanger  E-Mail:
Tel: 514 425-0515

MAY 26
CSSA Spring Live Networking Event
"The Quail" a Firken Pub
Time: 3:00 to 6:30

Location: 1055 Yonge Street, Toronto.
Who can attend: End-Users of janitorial supplies products or services, distributors  and manufacturers.
Contact: Al McCabe 416 587-5945
             Elio D'Alessio 647 987-9896
             Warren Jacobs 905 761-9995

Ontario Chapter Golf Tournament (new location)
Lion Head Golf Club

Shotgun start : 1:00 p.m
Contact: Elio D'Alessio - Alte-Rego Corp.
or Brad Fraser - Wausau Paper
Click here for the registration form

Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter Golf Tournament
Lorette Golf Course
Contact : Julie Currie  E-mail:
Tel: 204 962-1849

Ken Hilder Announces Retirement

Ken Hilder, Swish Maintenance Ltd. recently announced that he will be retiring from the company after 18 years of service. "36 years in the industry, 18 with Swish, 5 years with Kimberly Clark and 13 years with Safety Supply Canada have given me the opportunity to make some great friends and meet some wonderful people" said Ken. 

Over the years, Ken has loyally served the Canadian Sanitation Supply Association as President in 2012. He also served as Chapter Chair on the Ontario board in 2009 and 2010. According to Mike Nosko, CSSA Executive Director " Hilder not only participated in helping to lead and grow the CSSA, he gave something back to the industry he loved by giving his time."

For his dedication and hard work Ken was presented the CSSA Builder award in 2014 as the member who donated time and effort into building the association over the years.

The CSSA would like to thank Ken and wish him all the best and success in his future endeavors.

2016 Environmental Stewardship Awards 

Award Purpose
The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association’s (CSSA) Environmental Stewardship Awards will recognize and honour organizations committed to environmental management and dedication to the value of clean.
Who Can Be Nominated
Six (6) awards will be presented in each Canadian Chapter where a nomination has been submitted correctly by a CSSA member company. One (1) National Award will be also be presented by the CSSA. Awards will be chosen by December of each year and will be presented to the winner at an arranged Chapter function.

Gym equipment is more bacteria-ridden than toilet seats: study

Free weights in gyms typically harbour more than 300 times the amount of bacteria as the average toilet seat, according to a study. Exercise bikes in fitness centres are 39 times more 'germy' than a school canteen tray. And treadmills are claimed to harbour the highest bacteria levels in gyms with 74 times more germs than the taps of a public lavatory.

Aging facilities face increased pest pressure

While all buildings need protection against potential pests, older buildings can face increased pest pressures and unique challenges if left unprepared. The likelihood of pest infestation increases as buildings age, and facility managers need to understand the risk factors before an infestation occurs, introducing numerous health and safety concerns.

Another look at the question: Bidet or toilet paper, or yes, adult wipes?

No, we are not going to discuss whether you should put your toilet in the living roomof your Case Study House; I just love that Kohler ad. I also love bidet toilets and have one, and wrote about it in Why I spent $1200 on a toilet seat and why you should too. But now Umbra at Grist looks at the problem and adds new information to the mix, including the surprising fact that more and more adults are using an adult form of baby-wipes on their bottoms.

Dyson vs Big Paper Towel: the battle over hand-drying hygiene

Over the past week or so, you might have read some alarming headlines about the cleanliness of jet air dryers, specifically Dyson’s Airblade. "Using a Dyson hand dryer is like setting off a viral bomb in a bathroom," read one story. "Dyson Airblades 'spread germs 1,300 times more than paper towels'," said another. Dyson, understandably, isn’t happy ("It’s just not cricket," their in-house microbiologist told The Verge). 


Superbugs are on track to kill 10 million people by 2050 if things don’t change—fast

In November of 2015, scientists in southeastern China were combing through bacterial samples collected from hospitals in the Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces when they discovered something that would immediately grab the attention of the entire medical community.

How Toronto’s germs are different from those in other cities

There’s more to Toronto than just its skyline — scientists now believe cities each have their own unique microbial fingerprint. A study published this week in mSystems, a journal from the American Society for Microbiology, found that each city has its own special blend of fungi and bacteria, an identifying marker akin to a bacterial signature.

Study: Global Demand for Disinfectants on the Rise

The global market for disinfectants is expected to reach US$6.2 billion by 2022, according to a new study from international market research firm Stratistics Market Research Consulting Pvt Ltd. 

Over 2,000 Toronto-Area Private Sector Cleaners in Strike Position

A fair raise, paid sick days and improved health benefits are some of the basic demands that members of Justice for Janitors have tabled at negotiations with their employers. To date, the cleaning companies have said no, and in fact, have demanded concessions in several areas.

The ultimate guide to public toilet and bathroom etiquette around the world (and why you might want to take an umbrella to the loo with you)

Bathroom and toilet etiquette can vary a great deal from place to place - but a new infographic should ensure that tourists are in the know. It aims to make sure that a bathroom visit abroad isn't an overly draining experience. From packing collapsible umbrellas for privacy to carrying change for the attendant, it wants to make sure that holidaymakers are covered.

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