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1. Thermal metering regulations coming to Canada
While oversight of electricity and gas metering has been in place for quite some time, thermal metering has managed to remain unchecked. But soon that’s going to change. By 2026, Measurement Canada plans to have thermal energy metering regulated in a similar fashion as gas and electricity. With the new rules on the horizon, it’s important to ensure the thermal metering set-up property owners and managers have in place today, will meet requirements around how usage is measured tomorrow.
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2. Intrusion detection systems see uptake in condos
Besides improving the functionality, expandability, and accessibility of existing security solutions like video cameras, advances in technology have also opened up new possibilities for security solutions in condominiums. Read More »
3. Larger mortgages factor in higher home prices: study

Over the past 17 years, Canadians have been able to qualify for larger mortgages due to declining interest rates and rising incomes, which has more than likely translated into higher home prices, finds a new study by the Fraser Institute. Read More »

4. Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants probed

Temperature, humidity and room furnishings factor into the risk that flammable refrigerants could pose to buildings and their occupants.  Read More »

5. Getting wasps to buzz off
Wasps have a scary reputation for their stinging ability and aggressive behaviour and are often seen in greater numbers towards the end of summer as they scavenge for food in outdoor areas. Read More »
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