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1. Mixed uses to ease into suburban office parks
Suburban office parks could be opened up for modest amounts of mixed-use development if a proposed new policy is enacted in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH). The measure is among the plethora of Growth Plan amendments the Ontario government recently released for public comment, and would unlock opportunities that many developers now deem to be effectively impenetrable.
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2. Calgary Cancer Centre on time, on budget

Construction of the $1.4-billion Calgary Cancer Centre is on time and on budget, according to the Alberta government. Work on the largest government infrastructure project in the province began in 2017.  Read More »

3. Safety compliance for condo corporations
As employers, condo corporations can be prosecuted under the ‘general duty’ clause, even when complying with OHSA safety compliance regulations.  Read More »
4. Lighting applications in residential and hospitality
Lighting is one of the seven elements of interior design along with space, form, line, texture, colour and pattern. Light source technologies is undergoing one of the fastest and biggest evolutions. Read More »
5. CaGBC addresses zero carbon skills gap in construction industry
A new report by Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) provides an action plan to close zero carbon skills gap in Ontario's construction industry.
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