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Ontario Chapter Golf Tournament (new location)
Lion Head Golf Club

Shotgun start : 1:00 p.m
Contact: Elio D'Alessio - Alte-Rego Corp.
or Brad Fraser - Wausau Paper
Click here for the registration form

Canadian Sanitation Supply Association Welcomes New Members

The Canadian Sanitation Supply Association welcomes the following companies to their membership.

Facility Plus
Complete Facility Services
151 Brunel Rd.
Unit 9,10
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 2H6
Tel: 416 855-0888
Fax: 905 712-1101
Delegate: David Levy E-mail:
Alternate: Barry O'Neill E-mail:

Granite Club
2350 Bayview Ave.
Toronto, Ont. M2L 1E4
Tel: 416 510-6668 #5479
Delegate: Yamire McDowell, Housekeeping Manager

Viking Supply
165 Norfinch Drive
Toronto, Ont. M2N 1Y2
Tel: 416 741-1200
Fax: 416 741-1238

Brand De Scie Economique
1274 La Place
Laval, Quebec H7C 2M4
Tel: 450 663-3369
Delegate: Enrico Evangelista

Green building in Canada is on the rise, and sustainable products and materials are in demand

As a manufacturer you want building owners and project teams to select your product for their buildings, and over the past 10 years more and more building owners want LEED® certified buildings. Market penetration of LEED certified buildings in Canada has grown from 1.25% and 4.6% across commercial and institutional classes for the period of 2004-2009, to 22.14% and 29.96%, respectively, by 2014.

A Call for Leadership

One of the things we hear frequently in the professional cleaning industry is that we do not appear to be attracting millennials. The most-often-heard explanation for this is that marketing high-technology tools and equipment like computers and smartphones is a lot more fun and exciting than selling mops and buckets. However, I beg to differ. I think millennials-along with scores of other highly educated and motivated people-will join our industry as more (and better) leaders come forward. 

The Impact of a Clean Washroom on your Business

Washroom care is an important aspect that factors into your business’ success. Bathroom cleanliness has a significant impact on customers’ impression of your health and sanitation priorities, and can cause visitors and staff to question how you function as a function. The level of cleanliness of your bathroom is a reflection of your cleaning priorities. In a recent study conducted by Cannon Hygiene International, “86 per cent of customers admitted they would not return to a premise if the washroom was not up to par in the cleanliness and hygiene stakes.” 

8 Things To Clean Right Now to Prevent a Norovirus Outbreak

Most prevalent in the winter months, Norovirus is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis outbreaks in the United States resulting in as many as 21 million cases each year and 1.9 million hospital visits. To help reduce the spread of flu within businesses this season, Cintas Corporation offers a checklist of commonly overlooked “hot spots” to help facility managers maintain a clean environment for employees and guests.


Avmor Hires Mike Sawchuk as Chief Business Development Officer

Avmor is pleased to announce that Mike Sawchuk will join the organization in the role of chief business development officer. Sawchuk is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of bringing immediate value and delivering exceptional results in business-to-business environments across multiple industries. He is a strategic thinker with expertise in sustainability, business development, sales leadership, brand development and marketing. 

Boot Baths Help Stop the Spread of Disease

Disinfectant boot baths are finding their way into many different types of industries, from farming and food service industries to healthcare — in fact anywhere where infection control is a very high priority. A boot bath allows workers to step into an enclosed container that helps clean and disinfect shoes and shoe bottoms. Doing so reduces the potential of pathogens and contaminants traveling from one area of a facility to another.

ISSA Advocates the Message of Clean at NFMT 2016

ISSA is proud to exhibit and speak at the National Facility Management & Technologies (NFMT) 2016 Conference and Expo, March 22-24, at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD. ISSA Director of Facility Service Programs Dan Wagner will speak at the event on March 23 at 9:00 a.m. EST. Wagner’s presentation will outline the Value of Clean, which explains why cleaning should be treated as an investment and not a cost.

Hackers take control of high-tech toilet

It must be among the worst fears of the smart toilet user - that hackers might take control of your lavatory from a remote location. But this has already happened according to experts at a recent information security conference. Smart toilets have become popular - in Japan in particular - for their range of intelligent functions that can be controlled via smartphone apps. Basic actions such as flushing, using the bidet and warming the seat can all be carried out via the user's phone.

Chemistry team develops superbug-killing disinfectants

A US team is developing disinfectant compounds that could be used to destroy infectious bacteria, even drug-resistant strains. And the team hopes to bring its most successful compounds to market - maybe even incorporating them into plastics to make antibacterial surfaces. According to experts, bacteria have begun to develop resistance to commercially-available disinfectants more rapidly than new products can reach the market. 

Ebb and Flow school closed, emergency declared after asbestos found

Ebb and Flow First Nation has shut down its school and declared a state of emergency after asbestos was found in the 34-year-old building. Dust particles the school custodian found multiple times in the school's art room were sent to Winnipeg for testing in February, Ebb and Flow Chief Nelson Houle said. Asbestos was found in the dust and identified as a hazard in a letter from Health Canada that community officials received on Monday, Houle said.

Verifying energy efficiency product claims

Canadian industrial executives are increasingly attuned to the energy efficiency of their operations, shop floor machinery and office equipment. Conservation projects such as lighting retrofits, motor and compressor upgrades and green building systems are amounting to real cost savings and sustainability gains—spurring ongoing interest in formal energy management programs. A 2015 survey of 500 industrial businesses by, for instance, found more than half of respondents feel the energy management strategy at their organization provides a competitive advantage.

What you need to know before you make your own cleaning products

The popularity of making cleaning products at home is rising as people seek to eliminate toxic chemicals from their environment or save money – and sometimes both. Many of the ingredients for cleaning products can be found in the pantry – vinegar, baking soda and ammonia are popular kitchen staples that can perform double-duty in cooking and cleaning. In some tasks, homemade cleaners perform as well as store-bought cleaners, and the main ingredients often are significantly cheaper than one bottle of store-bought cleaning solutions.

Walmart cleaning staff fired

The maintenance staff at Walmarts across Canada were told this week their current positions are being eliminated. Walmart Canada tells Castanet the company chose to move its store-cleaning services to a private contractor, Modern Cleaning Concept, based in Montreal. “We always look for ways to improve our business with one goal in mind – to serve our customer better,” said Anika Malik with Walmart.

bObsweep reveals bObsweep PetHair Plus floor cleaner

Vacuum cleaning technology has certainly come a long way since its early days, where you need to manually drag a vacuum cleaner all over the floor, while making sure that the bag, once full, is replaced, otherwise you would end up with a bigger mess to clean should it end up burst. From there, we have evolved to bagless vacuum cleaners, and eventually, smart vacuum cleaners that are able to function autonomously.

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