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March 2020

Welcome to the BEIC’s Newest Members! 
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We are happy to introduce our newest members of the BEIC. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Kerrigan Brown at Click here for BEIC membership information.

Something New Under the Sun
Morgan Solar Deploys SPOTlight Solar Pergola at the Ontario Association of Architects Headquarters in Toronto - Using Light Modeling and Design Tools to Help Achieve Net Zero Energy.

Reducing Building HVAC Energy Consumption without Changing Occupant Behavior
Convincing groups of people to permanently change their habits to conserve energy is a battle that many Environmental Managers for commercial and residential property management companies try to avoid at all cost. Why? 

Because spending hours and resources to create a program that is unsupported by participants and yields few-to-no results can erode the credibility of the environmental directive and curtail the scope of future programs.

Municipality First in Canada to Implement Real Time Energy Management Platform
The City of Pickering has installed and implemented circuit level monitoring technology at its City Hall building, becoming the first municipality in Canada to bring the CircuitMeter Real Time Energy Management (“RTEM”) platform into their operations.

Kits Mini Storage Saves over 85% on Lighting Using Richmond Based COntrols Company
Kitsilano Mini Storage announced completion of their new lighting upgrade. Including LED retrofit kits and Luminaire Level Control these new lights will significantly reduce the energy usage of the operation, contributing to the sustainability of the operation with an attractive payback period under three years.

Aerial Thermography Inspection and Energy Loss Quantification
As energy costs rise in Canada and around the world, energy as a commodity is raised in value.  Based on a study conducted by Energy Star, up to 50% of the energy loss in a building can be due to its envelope. Various factors can contribute to the loss of heating or cooling energy in a building; missing or lost insulation in walls, leaked insulating gas in two-pane glass units, or structural cracks in the exterior, just to name a few.

What You Need to Know About the New Building Codes
Canada’s building sector accounts for about a quarter of final energy demand and a fifth of our energy-related carbon emissions, and building codes are a low-hanging fruit opportunity to reduce or eliminate energy waste and associated emissions in our built environment.

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