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1. Takeaways from #TorontoFlood
At least one condo corporation is facing what is likely to be a steep repair tab after Toronto was drenched with a month’s worth of rain on Aug. 7. Kevin Vuong, past condo board president and Ward 20 candidate in the upcoming municipal elections, estimates that the collapse of a fourth-floor storm drain caused six figures in damage in the Southcore community he calls home. He said so much water was released so quickly that the building’s first four floors were flooded, including the lobby, elevators, amenities and units.
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2. High-rise fire displaces hundreds in downtown Toronto

A six-alarm high-rise fire was successfully extinguished after a blaze broke out in the downtown apartment, resulting in hundreds of displaced tenants. Read More »

3. Hot weather plans get a workout in summer 2018
Heat generally trails heights in the hierarchy of workplace hazards that window cleaners encounter, but this summer has many employers refreshing the hot weather plans that Ontario Ministry of Labour investigators would look for if they were ever called to a work site. Read More »
4. James Bay communities develop local expertise
Energy conservation initiatives have reduced some of the cost premium that is an inescapable fact of living in Canada’s north, while supporting skills development that make health care operations more self-reliant in five James Bay communities. Read More »
5. Illuminating human centric lighting
It may be hard to believe, but widespread indoor workplace lighting has only been around for a little more than a century. And the massive shift toward working long hours indoors — under common lighting conditions — has had an enormous impact on people’s daily lives. Read More »
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